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Prop générale sécu v2

Prop générale sécu v2

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•Simultaneous support of 64 E1 interfaces
•Interception mode available simultaneously on GSM-A and/or SS7 ISUP
•Real Time monitoring of 128 Signaling Time-slots (GSM-A / ISUP)
•Simultaneous Interception of up to 128 searched numbers
•Up to 128 calls (Audio CDRs) can be recorded at the same time (i.e. up to 128 speech channels)
•Beside the Audio CDR also the Signaling CDR is recorded with FULL detail about the call
(source, destination, circuits, location, time, call duration)
•ISUP SS7 searched numbers can be Calling Number, Called Number
•GSM-A searched number can be Calling Number, Called Number, IMSI, TMSI, IMEI


Ind. 02

Homeland Security Program
Technical Specification

•Wild Cards are supported to search for group of numbers.
•GSM-A Handover is fully implemented giving the possibility to intercept a mobile moving
across different BTSs
•Only Signaling CDRs and Audio CDRs matching the interception criteria are stored in the HDD
(for long unattended interceptions)
•Signaling CDRs and Audio CDRs are stored locally in a proprietary format for security reasons.
•Extended filtering capabilities are available to search the database of recorded calls.
•Multiple Remote users can connect across a TCP/IP Network using a special Java based
interface that validates the user rights.
•Users can define on the fly the Interception criteria and retrieve/Play back the recorded audio
CDR on their local PCs
•Retrieved Audio CDRs can be saved as standard .Wav files as evidence.

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