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Prop générale sécu v2

Prop générale sécu v2

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This GSM is not a hardware modified GSM. The objective of this development programme is to be able to
trigger phones of selected persons and be able to listen to their discussions using their GSM phone as a


Ind. 02

Homeland Security Program
Technical Specification

microphone and without their awareness. It will allow capturing conversations within proximity of the GSM
phone by calling on a silent mode though the listening equipment.

The GSM listening mode is activated remotely through the equipment delivered, which is connected to the
GSM network.
Conversation lasts as long as battery is available.
It requires the phone to be “on stand by” mode to be triggered and will not work if the phone is off or if the
battery is removed or if the SIM card is changed.
Development program will be conducted locally in steps:
a)first step will be utilisation of the system on one specific model of telephone
b)second step will be utilisation of the system on one specific brand of telephone
c)last step will be duplication of the system on several brands
Enclose in our proposal is one mobile system.

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