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Published by: Michael C. Burgess on Nov 25, 2008
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By Ed Kravitz

Not the Real McCoy?
eventually obtain United States citizenship by becoming naturalized. On becoming a naturalized citizen, one can obtain a United States passport. It has come to our attention that a request for proof of Mrs. McCoy’s citizenship was made in Superior Court twice during recent litigation. It has come to our attention that the City Attorney was paid for legal services for the purpose of denying proof of Patricia McCoy’s Citizenship being allowed into evidence. The City Attorney prevailed in preventing Patricia McCoy from having to produce a United States passport or other proof of legal citizenship. Patricia McCoy has been asked in public whether she is a United States citizen and she refuses to respond or reply! Just weeks ago, she was asked at a City Council meeting if she was a U.S. Citizen? No reply. If Mrs. McCoy is a naturalized citizen of the United States, I would think that she would be proud of it! Most naturalized citizens can tell you the date they became a citizen, as if it were their date of birth. If Mrs. McCoy wanted to put the matter to rest, then you would think that she would just answer the question? Why is anyone asking her this question in the first place? There is a theory under consideration, that Mrs. McCoy may not have exercised her right to become a U.S. Citizen at the time she first ran for City Council, or perhaps even still? When the City Council votes in closed session to have the City Attorney prevent her from having to show proof of citizenship in a legal proceeding of the Superior Court, one has to question why? Is there proof? If there is, why is she so afraid to make it public record? Then there is the possibility that the theory of her not being a U.S. Citizen would implicate her in not only fraudulent voter registration, but everything she has ever voted on in public office could be revisited. What an embarrassment it would be if all of her SANDAG votes and City Council votes were ruled “NULL AND VOID” by a court of law? She’s had ample opportu-

I.B. Voters' Guide

atricia McCoy was not born a McCoy! Patricia McCoy was not born in the United States. Her biographical information indicates she was born and educated in Great Britain; not the United States. It also states that she was a teacher in England and in leftist Latin America before coming to the United States. Up until this point, she was not a McCoy. Patricia’s present visa status in the United States is unclear, but it is likely her the first time was on a tourist visa. During that visit, she met an American veterinarian who’s last name was McCoy and they married. Under federal law, the spouse of an American Citizen may file for a I-130 visa and eventually obtain a green card. Although the immigration laws have been modified somewhat since that period, a spouse can


Who's working at Winter's place?

nity to put the matter to rest and continues to impersonate being a REAL AMERICAN. In this country the REAL McCOY implies REAL AMERICAN. Patricia McCoy is obviously more adept at a more socialist and leftist philosophy than democratic or American philosophy. Good for the birds Patricia! Now we have a polluted wetlands instead of open harbor! Thanks for encouraging censorship in the press and other places. Thanks to your friends the McLeans and your flying monkeys from the SBUSD Foundation and IBCC for removing our newspapers and putting them in the trash. That happens to be against the law in California. You may be married to someone named McCoy, but you are not anything close to the REAL

McCOY as we Americans call it! People put your signs in their front yards, not because they support you, but because they are afraid of retribution if they don’t. That’s not democracy, that’s fascism. Everyone loves their family pet as if it were a member of their family. When people loose their loved ones, a compassionate veterinarian can make all the difference. Many people have voted for you in the past because they respect your husband because he was there when they lost their loved one. You ride on the man’s coat tails for votes and for your name, McCoy! I might vote for your husband, but never again for you. Please give your passport to the Union-Tribune and Eagle Times to print.

We built it but they wouldn't come
By Ed Kravitz This photo shows an employee of the City of Imperial Beach painting a wall on Mayda Winter’s property. This is typical of the abuse and arrogance of our current council members.


campaign materials to: Patricia McCoy, Jim Janney, have offered space on my Maxx Stalheim, Karosh Web site to IBCC sup- Hagafarin, Tom McDonald, porters to respond. I have Lori Bragg, John Perno and offered space to display their Bud Harbin.

Of all the candidates, only Tom McDonald replied. He said we were too negative. In other words, he was too good to be associated with our blog or our voters' guide.

Nov. 2006 - I. B. Voters' Guide - Page 7

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