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endorsed by any political party or any political figure representing a regional agency or outside municipality. He owes nobody any political favors or allegiance. He is an intelligent man who can assimilate information given to him and make a decision based on the facts presented. He doesn't have to call Supervisor Cox to find out how to vote on any issue. He won't have to sign any proclamations or letters written by Cox's staff because he is free to make up his own mind. He will have to listen to you when you go before the City Council with an issue. He doesn't already know the outcome of an issue before the public meetings like our current council does. Medlock is a devoted family man who would probably prefer not to be in politics. But, unless the current leadership is challenged, Imperial Beach will never again be a democracy. He will be attacked by the opposition at the last minute. But he owes nothing to anyone except you; the voters who elect him. Steve Futterman lives, with his wife and son, a few blocks from the beach and pier. Futterman is originally from New York and transplanted to this area after serving in the Navy. He is a supervisor in the telecommunications industry and has been employed at the same company for 18 years. He is highly respected by his employees and throughout his industry. He is active with several local charities and, for two years now, he and his wife have promoted the

Imperial Beach International Film Festival. The Futtermans both speak fluent Spanish and have great interest in the community's youth and the advancement of cultural arts in Imperial Beach. Futterman's efforts have put Imperial Beach on the cultural map; at least as far as people in the motion picture industry are concerned. Their film festival has introduced hundreds of film industry people to Imperial Beach. The festival's future could fund artistic projects for local youth to become involved with . Futterman would probably rather take his son and wife fishing than run for public office. But he feels that unless someone opposes the ladies on the council, Imperial Beach is doomed. Unless the public has representation on the council in a majority, democracy is dead in Imperial Beach. Futterman is deeply concerned about the relationship this city has with a number of regional agencies and politicians in regards to our local issues. Futterman feels that decisions should be made based on how it affects our community and not because some regional agency already has a policy. All of our public decisions need to be made before the local council before going to a regional agency; otherwise democracy has been circumvented. Futterman will listen to you or anyone. Futterman does not have to call Cox before voting on your issues. Futterman will insure that all public meetings on all issues are published in the local newspaper before the council meets on those issues. Futterman will oppose sensitive agenda items being slipped past the public as "consent items."

Futterman will stand up for local property and business owners who are threatened by re-development. Futterman will work for the citizens to improve their neighborhoods; not to destroy them. Futterman will stand up for the rights of existing establishments to continue without hindrance from newcomers. Futterman will work hard to create a new attitude by city employees that service comes first. City employees are not holier-than-thou and they are not paid high salaries to stall, delay, or interfere with a homeowner's or business owner's rights. The city's purpose is not to rake every last nickel and dime out of its residents, but to serve its residents and to create a better quality of life in our community. The city must live within its means with its first allegiance to its residents, not to the regional power brokers. Summary Those of you in the community who know me, are aware that I am an advocate for the little guy who is being wronged by the powerful. I have not been solicited by any candidate to write this essay and frankly some of the candidates are afraid that my endorsement could actually hurt them. Two of these candidates will be smeared by the Careys before the election. Don't believe the lies that are coming. This upcoming election holds great promise for Imperial Beach or great peril. The outcome of this election will determine this community's future forever. The issues are very clear. • Do we want more political cronyism and dictatorship by regional agencies and policy made at private luncheons? • Do we want our alleys

paved and neighborhoods preserved? Or do we want them bulldozed and redeveloped so that we cannot afford to live here anymore? • Do we want public representation by our peers with sensitivity to real human and economic needs? As Port Commissioner Bixler stated in his address to the current City Council, "In exchange for this money, we expect your cooperation on policy and legislation." • Do we want to live in a city where the democratic process is alive? Or do we

want to live in a city where only the illusion of democracy exists, while all important policy is made in the back rooms? If you choose to vote for either Bill Medlock or Steve Futterman, make sure you vote for both of them. Without a majority of rational votes on the council, the present administration will continue its current course. And any independent candidate will be handicapped. Register to vote and DUMP THE LADIES! SAVE IMPERIAL BEACH! defies all studies regarding impacts to nesting and feeding birds especially in the vicinity of the Otay River trestles on the Coronado Branch Railway. Part of the property went to the Port, and we call it Pond 20. There has been talk of developing Pond 20, with San Diego and Imperial Beach taking a split of potential tax revenue generated if the pond were filled and developed for commercial use. Title to Pond 20 belonged to the Port before the new Airport Authority was legislated into existence by close Malcolm/Cox confidant Sen. Steve Peace. You remember Peace as the former chief of staff to Gray Davis just before the


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District Attorney with regard to the MKEG transaction. Malcolm denied making $150,000 in the deal, which he did in fact make. My question to members of the SWIA board, for the last two years, has been, "How much did you make off the deal?" Their answer is silence and a letter from Haskins saying they only have to give me a copy of their tax statement. Some of that property was subdivided. Part went to the wildlife service on the condition that the USFWS would approve an urban bike trail. This is a concept that totally

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