Music: Palladio – Escala I was uninterested Unintelligent Careless Illiterate Remedial Unmotivated Intellectually deficient I was a student that

was passed on for someone else to fix My name is Mike Rose, I grew up in a suburb of Los Angelos and I was forgotten One man changed that for me He took his time and energy, because he saw something in me Through that one man many lives have changed Improved And the world shines a little bit brighter I have seen what it takes to approach these troubled students

I have a heart for our education system. I have seen students who were told that they did not make the cut That they could not size up even if they tried These students were labeled I was labeled Uninterested Careless Illiterate

and other teachers Some in good heart Some without heart Listen to me tell you how to initiate Prepare you And show you the methods to innovate these students in a world of Language literature and written expression Students who were labeled as illiterate Are easily labeled as able and full of expression Educators must reexamine themselves Teachers must reexamine themselves Reexamine their approach The time they commit to each student Be excited. Teaching is more than that It is a kind of romance.Remedial Unmotivated Intellectually deficient These labels follow students Followed me for years Some students are just problems. revitalize your attitude Revitalize your heart. in which the teacher woos the students . parents. problems that are too difficult to solve Educators pass on these problems Pass them to doctors.

we will need many conceptual blessings. through a conversation. but move us closer to An understanding of the rich mix of speech and ritual and story that is America I encourage you to read Lives on the Boundary Maybe it will change your heart toward those who are unprepared . In the long run. common picture. We are in the middle of an extraordinary social experiment: The attempt to provide education for all members of a vast pluralistic democracy. through a personal oneon-one relationship. To have any prayer of success. this state of affairs is just not good for us. we will need a guiding set of principles Principles that do not encourage us to retreat from. At heart. our definitions of language Learning And cognition suffer. Not only does our definition of public get distorted.Woo them with terms of connection Knowledge being gained by a touch on the shoulder. in the big.

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