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Astro-Vision Soulmate Compatibility

Star : Uttarashada
Rasi [\pkv

Star : Chitra
Rasi I¶n

Compatibility between Birth Stars

Rasi Good
Rasyadhipathi Good
Vasya No compatibility
Mahendra No compatibility
Gana Satisfactory
Yoni No compatibility
Dina No compatibility
Deergha Good

Dosha (Absence of Dosha is counted as compatibility

Rajju No Dosha
Veda No Dosha

There is SATISFACTORY match between the birth stars (MADHYAMAM).

Star Match Rating = = 55%

Summary and recommendation

Check Result Remarks

Compatibility between Birth Stars Satisfactory Kerala System Applied

Kuja dosha comparison Not done
Papasamya Not done
Dasa-Sandhi check Not done

Matching is RECOMMENDED.

MatchFinderDate : 25 November 2008 10:43 AM [Compatibility code : S1-K0-P0-D00] V Astro-Vision Future Tech
Pvt. Ltd. ,142- A, 4th FLOOR, Penta Menaka, Marine Drive, Cochin - 31, India. email : Website

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