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Word Meaning and Usage Test (Version 4.0) Practice Sheet The purpose of this test is to find out how well you know the meaning of adjectives. Each item on this test looks like this: A. sudden
surprising thirsty change doctor noise school

beautiful quick

The words here on the left side may help to explain the meaning of sudden.

The words here on the right side are nouns that may come after sudden in a phrase or a sentence.

There are eight words in the box, but only four of them are correct. You have to choose which the four correct words are.
sudden means happening quickly and unexpectedly, so the correct answers on the left side are quick and surprising We do not normally say a sudden doctor or a sudden school, but we often say a sudden change and a sudden noise, so change and noise are the correct answers on this side.

You should mark the answers like this: A. sudden

beautiful quick surprising thirsty change doctor noise school Note: in this example, there are two correct answers on the left and two on the right, but in some items there will be either one on the left and three on the right or three or three on the left and one on the right.

Please turn over the page and do the three other practice items on the next page.
B. easy C. correct free hard low solid unkind gas hospital moon work right true answer dream enemy time


D. human cold green person snowy being body life season

Now you can turn to the next page to begin the test.


1. natural organic 2. bright clever 3. calm open quiet smooth tired material day book person happy famous shining taste hand sense color boring real similar foods nights causes portions

4. common complete 5. direct honest 6. general closed 7. bare empty 8. acute hidden 9. tender delicate flat gentle vulnerable care party number sheet often rich sharp Angle hearing illness rock heavy uncovered useful tools feet schools walls usual different whole door street store idea slim straight planned fence flight sunlight river ordinary light shared boundary editor procedure climate

10. complex angry difficult necessary sudden argument passengers patterns problem

11. solid firm serious continuous wide line evidence sadness smile

12. conscious awake healthy knowing laughing face decision effort student

13. convenient easy fresh near suitable question sound time shirt

14. dense crowded hot noisy thick forest shape field smoke


15. curious helpful 16. distinct true famous separate clear advantage meanings news parents interested wild strange medal child chance accident

17. ambiguous double confusing secret uncertain 18. desolate desirable 19. mutual complete 20. secure confident 21. tight close rough uncomfortable moist surface pants schedule wood enjoyable stable safe game job meal visitor double same equal traffic people friend enemies sad deserted lonely light heat noise place color place sentence amount

22. violent expected 23. chronic continuing serious local 24. sore offended 25. crude clever fair rough valuable behavior trade oil drawing small painful useful subject need seed section unplanned accident shortage illness examination strong smelly unlucky anger death point storm

26. domestic tame national mixed smooth garage animal travel speed

27. profound ironic 28. fertile dark growing private special mind egg business soil deep exact great effect object house thought


29. formal shapely organized 30. independent changed partial truthful separate opinion country newspaper job previous serious spouse warning growth statement

31. original careful creative first confused condition flight mind weather

32. sensitive feeling interesting sharp thick instrument flavor skin topic

33. professional paid skillful regular overall advice manner motion region

34. critical clear dangerous important rough festival illness time control

35. synthetic simple electronic expensive artificial 36. modest heavy moderate shy humble escape surface window dress drug situation radio sound

37. dramatic exciting official 38. partial biased safe reserved incomplete signal success meeting solution surprising worried adventure order change salary

39. coherent clear rapid complicated together crime health speech theory

40. ample excellent large plentiful able amount condition decision time


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