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Eric Student1

User name --> pdcesx01027 Password --> Virtuallab119 PDFS-> In case WRS doesnt start then go to sevices.msc. Select any service and press s for all SAS services. First start services named metadata server and then object spawner.after then all in sequence. After then p ress J for JBOSS service and start it. Mahesh Dubey 09920 963 445 2636-1-060 Proxy server-> Port-> 80 New password and userid ======================== User id=>pdcesx03068 Password=>Virtuallab147 categorical variable-> Examples Gender(Male, Female) Two types 1) Nominal-> Some kind of comparison is there. 2) Odinal->Some kind of order=>Ex: Roll number,Ranking. Continuous variable-> Example) Salary, Age, Height Regression analysis->1) Create models based on prediction Enhanced Report->If you need to create a html report with some title footer extr a stuff. By default numeric and character variable limit is 8. SO we need to modify it. Quota->Divides data in 4 equal parts Median->Divides data in 2 equal parts Percentile->Divides data in 100 equal parts Declies>Divides data in 10 equal parts Normal graph(Normal distribution)->Center point is median Outliars->

Whenever you create character format.It cannot be 32 characters. It has to be st art by dollar sign then character and underscore.It cannot end with a period and number. It cannot be standard SAS formats. Gaurang Shah-> 9619982629