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BASIC POP SINGING a. Belting out b. Proper Stage Stance c. Stage Presence Hand Expression d. Stage Presence Facial Expression e. Basic Blocking/ Basic Dance Steps f. Chest Tone and Voice Modulation g. Reaching High Notes h. Basic Spiels i. Polishing


BASIC DRUM PLAYING a. Getting started Parts of a drum set b. 8th note beat rudiments c. 16th note rests and advanced fills d. Dotted 8th and 16th note rock beats e. Rhythm review f. Bass drum variations g. Rock beats using 16th notes on hi-hat cymbal h. 16th note one beat fills i. Basic structures and song application


BASIC GUITAR PLAYING a. Getting started Parts of a guitar b. Finger Exercises

c. Basic Major Chords (A, C, D and E) d. Basic Major Chords (B, F, G) e. Minor Chords and 7s f. Basic Chord Progression g. Strumming h. Song application