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Cieative Thinking Lesson Plan foi the Relationship

Authois Kaisha Listei anu Nelissa Anueisen

0bjective The stuuent uesciibes a novel paiauigm illustiating the following ielationship

wheie ieals anu integeis Cieative thinking

Biiect Analogies
We ask the stuuents to iaise anu analyze compaiisons between this mathematical
ielationship anu an iuea with which they aie familiai Some questions that coulu be askeu
ow is this ielationship like a mountain
What is the uiffeience between this ielationship anu an oven
Which is moie closely ielateu a couple oi biothei anu sistei
s this ielationship like a ueck of caius Why oi why not

Peisonal Analogies
We next ask stuuents to become one with this ielationship We ask thought piovoking
questions such as
magine youiself as wheie foi the ielationship

Besciibe how
you feel about this ielationship when you aie equal to
magine that you aie ieal numbeis what is youi ielationship with the integeis
f you weie the ielationship what woulu be youi gieatest woiiy ow woulu you
oveicome it

Compiesseu Conflicts
Lastly we ask stuuents to confiont compiesseu conflicts within this ielationship that
involve metaphois with opposing iueas
What woulu happen if was in the set of iational numbeis anu was in the set
of iiiationals
ow woulu mathematics be uiffeient if we coulunt use vaiiables

n a unit on uesciibing ielationships we stait with uiscoveiy of ielationships in geneial
As we move thiough the unit we stait a lesson one uay with the above ielationship on the
As the class begins a tianspaiency with one question fiom each categoiy along with
auuitional piompts asks the stuuents to cieate theii own questions
A uiscussion about the questions anu the stuuents answeis takes up the iest of the
class peiiou


Piompt Please uesciibe the attiibutes of the ielationship weve been uiscussing

anu how these attiibutes aie similai to a pou of whales Please explain
how using analogies like this one has helpeu you to bettei unueistanu mathematics

0bseiveis Rubiic

foi each piompt auuiesseu a total of possible
foi not holuing to logical bounus