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Reaction paper in: PASIKLAB 2012

February 24-25 the Pasiklab 2012 is happen in Valenzuela auditorium , it presented the Filipino original songs and dances and I`m so proud to some Filipino who performed in the event , they really expressed that they are Filipino in many ways .And I`m so amazed to the dancers costumes . In Cariothe girls costume is look like a star it is blinking and in Nasudi the performers are like playing and they move in a circular form and they always use kumintang and it is the first time that I watch Nasudi and I`m so amazed to the performers .And in Sakuting it is not familiar to me like in Nasudi it`s my first time to watch this dance, and the dancers have a stick and the design of their costume is flowers I like their costume it is beautiful in my eyes . And the famous Tinikling strike me most, it`s really hooks the attention of the audience. And the singers is so very good they have a very beautiful voice. And I`m happy that Pasiklad 2012 is happened because it show how beautiful the true Filipino dances and songs that should be supported by the Filipinos