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The Polish beat the record of fornication with 646 men in just seven hours.

Klaudia Figure is the new world champion of fornication. The Polish porn actress has achieved a new world record in just seven hours at the Festival erotic Warsaw. There was crucial stiff competition from the Brazilian Mayara Rodrigues and the British Claire Brown. The previous record holder was the American actress Houston, in 1999 who laid with 620 men in the same period time. The competition began at ten o'clock and rigorous regulation required that each intercourse run at least between 30 to 60 seconds. The record was achieved at 16:54, while brave Klaudia continued until 17:46, raising the bar to 646 men. Mayara Rodrigues left her mark at 633, while Claire Brown left her mark on 466.


Men In

7 hours

KLAUDIA the next day ...!