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GWS PTELTD Loyang Offshore Supply Base, Box 5139 Loyang Crescent, Singapore 508988, Tel: 6545 5871, 6545 5873, 6545 7422 Fax: 6545 5875 Business Registration No: 199202178N J THERN Application Data Sheet 180 9001/2000 Certified for Cranes To: aX NO. OF PAGES: Dare: From Customer: Contac: Contac aes cress city state oi state Phone ip Code: Phone Zip Code: aK = rt i band nae anon pain pln et apatite ah a 1 power winch [Elfo0e oescriprion 1 hand winch Quantity Needed: Date Needed: = Ebi ne run sequremenrs 7 Gross Weight of oa Took - : < bstacle a Load Mos on Taek? ae Er courenens Below B ‘Max, Hook Height Min, Hook Height: \ r Lae Heit Ceaance Required Copecesta! OSes ire ope Speciation = a oe baow, REACH REQUIREMENTS: Hook Reach: Base instalation floor level Fei rescuncoumens: wskneans Beas Max. Hook Reh Win, Hook eae won. oe Hook Rope) in ee ee em acres ‘ova wat eaance Reged toargeaa - L_ ee gener es, ea ia quali polessional TE vncrrnecumenenrss REQUIREMENTS: center line ‘center line Cana 11s voit ac Diz wot oc ict mest othaed Dhyrautic [Pneumatic Crit motor ‘hook reach Lorne Pil ose ecoorenns [i reesncrororenon Cretestor tase LJsociet fase LJwat Nount Base ‘Hous per Oa Oro or Shack Loads vnc ase Moura Sure Ei soorcarions ano acessones ENVIRONMENT: Cleananized CE] staniess Steet LT pon Finish indoor Loutdoor — ]marine — ] corrosive Dibase covers: 1 wire Rope Keepers: Lbazardous LJ explosive ‘Temp. Range: Submited By Phone fax WINCHES SALES, RENTAL, SERVICE TESTING DRILL BITS, DRILLING TOO!