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Uka, Datu Abdula III M. Psychology111 Mr.

Lee Thunder Bernasor

February 23, 2012 T.Th/ 1:00pm-2:30pm/ F508

Leaning and Memory

There was a time when I forgot something that I learned and suddenly it retrieved again into my memory for two years . When I was in my second year high school, we had our cooking session in Home Economics. Our teacher in this subject taught us on how to cook that special food called as corned beef macaroni. I take down notes and I learned a lot on that particular lesson she taught on us such as in preparing the ingredients needed and the procedures to cook this food. At home, I always mastering to cook this food. And when we celebrated New Years Day, I decided to cook on that special food that my teacher taught us just once in a year. Due to the years had passed, I somehow forgotten to cook that food. I was sad that I want to scan my home economics notebook in my second year because the ingredients and procedures to cook this food were to be found in that specific notebook of mine. But I didn't find that notebook maybe it was thrown away. I had nothing to do anymore but to cook a usual food that we always served during this occasion. Two years had passed when I was in my senior year, my younger brother talked to me to help him in cooking on that special food because our teacher was also his teacher on that subject. I looked at his notes and suddenly, the ingredients and procedures on how to cook this food retrieved into my memory again even that I don't have a copy for that just by familiarizing it. And on that day, I started again to cook that as always until now that I am college.