Chapter 10 y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y China, following victory of CCP over GMD, emerged as Great Power.

PRC established Fear of danger to its economic interests in the region, the US reacted with the policy of containment. During Cold War, the US was so devoted to fighting communism, we ended up looking like imperialists. Decolonization-end of British rule in India Muslim League- could veto any transfer of power arrangement Clement Attlee-rule Britain India-accept Dominion status and be member of Commonwealth Two unitary states-India and Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah-leader of Muslim League Nehru-created non-aligned movement. India leader Kashmir- where Hindu ruler decided to merge his kingdom into India Sri Lanka and Burma-independence In Dutch East Indies, Japanese encouraged Indonesian nationalism by liberating Sukarno and Hatta. Surrendered in August 1945. -> Republic of Indonesia Viet Minh- declared independence of Vietnam in Sept. 1945. Main priority of the US-economic revival of Western Europe Insurrections in Burma, Indonesia, and Malaya

Chinese Civil War y y Sphere of influence in Manchuria-Stalin. No repeat of Russo-Japanese War No Pearl Harbor.

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