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Limitless Living.

All living/non-living, mobile/stagnent creations in this universe seems as thoug h they are limited by the boundries of their own structure. They also seem to ex ist within a certain time and space in this universe. Take for example, a huge rock that is lying down there. This rock has an outer b oundry and due to which it seems to occupy some space. It has also occupied this space from a particular date and time and will lay in the same place till a par ticular date and time, till some sculpture picks it up for carving an idol out o f it. This situation is valid for all living/non-living, mobile/stagnent creations in this universe. Each of these(living/non-living, moving/stagnent creations) has its own way of i nteracting with the outer world or these provide a unique experience to the worl d. An animal ear, provides a listening experience to the animals and animal skin provides the touch sensation to the animal. Similarly, a rock provides a hard s ubstance experience to someone who touches it. Every object in this world is des inged to behave in a particular fashion, it could be what ever you see around yo u. I am currently sitting in a room, which is occupied by a table and a chair. E ven the particles that is aggregated to manufacture the wooden table and chair i s expected to behave in a particular manner. A Banana tree is expected to reap o nly Banana's and not oranges or carrots. A human being can give birth only to a human animal and not a dog. A little deeper thought in these lines, results in a feeling that there is some Third Factor (TF) to keep things in order. Another thought, that comes to mind a t this point of time is, is this TF different for different creations? If so the re should be stone TF, Human TF, Mosquito TF, Banana TF, etc... There should be at least trillions of species of TF on earth. then what abt the TF that maintain s the rotation of earth on its on axis,what abt the TF that makes sure that eart h rotates around the sun..what abt the TF that maintains order in the universie. .Above all this who is the one who creates all these TFactors.. It is very obvious that the TF that maintains the creation (creating,sustain and destruction) of all the created. According to the upanisads, the creator manifested himself as the creation and e very form in the creation is the manifestation of the creation.