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The accident occurred about 8 a.

m on 28 / 6, at the intersection of Le Duan - Tran Phu (Ward 7, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen). At that time, the number of taxi plates 78K - Mai Linh's 8193, by Nguyen Thanh Luc (SN1983) controlled by Le Duan Street north of Tuy Hoa, while the traffic was hitted on motorcycle plates No. 78F5-6117 (not clear who controls), carrying a passenger. The accident caused the two people on motorcycles serious injuries have to give emergency aid in Phu Yen General Hospital. After causing the accident, the taxi was badly damaged, the first was dented, the windshield breaks ...

Do chy vi tc cao, li c vt mt chic xe vn ti nh khc nn chic xe khch ni trn m sm vo thn chic xe u ko. C m rt mnh gy ra ting n vang tri. Khi chng ti chy li th mt ph xe b m dt vo thnh gh v t vong, cn ti x th kt di cabin. Ngi b thng trn xe la ht, van khc ku cu.