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Improvement on Leach protocol of wireless sensor network(VLEACH)

Presented by B.Rupa CSE 083T1A0508

New version of leach protocol(VLEACH). Aim of VLEACH. Performance evolution of LEACH and VLEACH using OMNET++Simulator.

WSN-monitor physical or environmental conditions. Energy plays important role in WSN. Aim of routing protocols in WSN Examples of routing protocols LEACH,PEGASIS etc. LEACH-cluster based routing protocol in WSN.


Cluster based routing

Fig :Clustering

LEACH protocol
Hierarchical routing protocol. Protocol is divided into rounds, each round consists of two phases Setup phase 1.Advertisement phase 2.Cluster setup phase Steady state phase 1.Schedule creation. 2.Data transmission.

Disadvantages of LEACH Random CH selection(dont consider the energy consumption metric) It cant cover large area. CHs are not uniformly distributed.

Improvement on leach protocol

1.E-LEACH protocol
RE of node as metric for CH selection.

2.TL-LEACH protocol
Another CH is used as relay station between for CH and BS.

3.M-LEACH protocol Select optimal path between CH and BS through other CHs.

4.LEACH C protocol

In V-LEACH ,the cluster contains Cluster head Vice-cluster head Cluster nodes


Advantages over LEACH Protocol
Even CH dies the cluster will work with vice-CH. The over all network life time also is more.

Simulation and results

Parameter Simulation time topology size Number of nodes CH probability Number of trials Initial node power Nodes distribution BS position Value 900 seconds 900 900 square meter 25,50,100 and 115 nodes 0.02,0.05,0.1 20 trial 1Joule Nodes are randomly distributed Located at 1000450

By simulation result we can say that V-LEACH generates less number of messages than LEACH. The network remaining energy is more compared to LEACH.

1. Improvement on LEACH protocol of WSN. 2. Energy efficient communication protocol in WSN. 3. A two-level hierarchy for LEACH. 4. An application-specific protocol architecture for WSN.