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‘Courtesy of VANews WASHINGTON (AFNS) Veter sow render the military-tle band IN THIS EDITION ‘Annu itary Fasity Nay authorizes Fan ines open fr Fun Day eecon Seo Fage3 ‘See Page 6 Soo pages 2812 Next issue street date Friday, Dec. § ‘Submission deadline Friday, Nov. 26 Page Nery Charleston Shorting Naval Weapons Station Charteston Mission Teenie aright ees by roi ton genet nd Iefareappr ral Lencamey ‘aren he fi, a eee Pesca About the Shortie, | isch Deadlines Eaitorat Content eat Sa Putter | poet Advertsing The holiday wil be very soon, opens I earnest It sem lke every year retailers start putting out the Christmas decorations, promoting, spectacular savings and piping the sounds of the holidays to shoppers. Is just me ori too soon to hear Jingle Bells in September? ‘Well, with that said ‘Thanksgiving is just around the ‘comer and I'm locking forward to fone of my favorite holidays, Pim Hoping everyone has the opportuni 1 tobe with family and loved ones, enjoy good food, and even in these rough economic times sive thanks for our many blessings. “The holidays provide the oppor- tunity to travel long distances to be ‘vith family and trends. ‘Pease do sosfely. A of us need to use common, ence and risk management when ‘making hollday travel plans.” We so need to beckatop these who ‘work for us, before you sigh thelr Jeave cits or approve long weekend bert, find ont where and how far they are traveling Tr they are driving, use these techniques: ‘= Have them complete driving mishap risk indicator» sf asese ‘ment survey to estimate thelr risk High scores are red Mags. Provide oaneling If nectar. > Give each person a copy of the Safety Center's vehicle checklist 50 he or she can identify deficiencies snd correc ther ‘= Discourage driving between the hours of midnight and 6 asm. This [sth ime when fatigue strikes with fa vengeance and there isan increase {nthe number of alcohol-impaired drivers on the road. ‘They can Kl you no matter how good a driver you are. Encourage drivers to plan iced and ello plenty of tine for rest stops at a safe location every wo hour. + Promote responsible use of alcohol, Drinking and driving absolutely forbidden. “Assuming personal responsi fy for your actions and managing sk wil keep you and your family safe and healthy during this holiday season and throughout the New Year {All aupervizors cn help by mak Ing safety awareness and risk man- agement tp privity this holiday period. Show you care by putting Io practice what you preach. The aptain’ s Log ‘eas ve outlined are good starting points. They can be ifesavers. What beter git ean you give this holiday "The Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tote program isn fll swing for the annual tey drive and collection this year. The coordinator, ‘Gunnery Sergeant David Jackson ta received boxes and is preparing to distribute them throughout the Low County. There are many Jocal events coming. up. including the Ist Toys for Tos fishing tourna: ment on Nov. 22nd and the 12th fnnual Motorcycle Toy Run on Nov 23, to name just fe, Please con tact NWS Command Master Chet Jackson for information if you inom of a family in nec or how to ‘contribute to this wonderful cause, For more information on the national ‘Toys for Tots program, er web adress bs htptoysfor~ totsory Please take time to. remember those less fortunate as well ss those serving and protecting ws around the world who are unable tobe with thelr fons so thot. we ean Bet HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! CAPT Glen Little eet \ Weapons Station Charleston hosts Annual ledoln AGN Fun Day Nov. 14