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By flickr user Lucas Vermeer


The African Elephant is a little bit larger

than its relative, the Asian Elephant

African Elephant
Photo by flickr
Information on the endangered
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African Elephant

The African Elephant is in the Kingdom Animalia, its Phylum is Chordata,

and its Class is Mammalia. One close relative to the African Elephant is
the Asian Elephant. The African Elephant is located in Africa. Its habitat is
the African savanna. These elephants don’t exactly have a daily routine.
They are very fond of water though. They bathe by spraying water on
themselves and then putting a protective layer of dust on themselves. They
are herbivores but still are close to the top of the food chain for the basic
fact that they have no predators. They reproduce sexually. One reason
for the endangerment of this animal is because they almost became
extinct because of poachers and are now slowly repopulating. An
interesting fact about this animal is the fact that it is the largest mammal
on land. A law that is protecting this animal is the African Elephant Photo by
Conservation Act of 1989. One adaption for this animal is its trunk that it flickr user
uses to grasp food and suck up water to drink and bathe in. A Arno &
distinguishing characteristic of mammalia is that they all have a Louise’s
vertebrate or flexible backbone. They also have hair.