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Study Guide Unit 2 part 2

The Speech in the Virginia Convention

1. Henry states his respect for the previous speakers, a technique called
“concession to the opposition.” What effect might this have on the audience?

2. What does Henry say is the reason for the British military buildup in America?

3. Notice how Henry uses rhetorical questions to anticipate the arguments of his
opponents. How effective is this technique?

4. What is Henry trying to convince his listeners to do?

5. What reasons does Henry give for taking military action now?

6. What emotions does Henry appeal to with the last lines of his speech?

The Declaration of Independence

7. The colonies felt they must explain their reasons to the world. Why?
8. What is the purpose of the government?

9. When is it right to overthrow a government?

10. When is it not right to change a government?

11. What were some of the hardships that The Royal colonial government created
for the colonial assemblies?

12. What were some of the hardships that the British had created for the colonial

13. What objections did the colonists have about British soldiers in America?

14. What additional hardships were put on colonial lawmakers?

15. What is the ultimate goal of the Declaration of Independence?

16. When Jefferson says, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the governed,” what does he mean?

17. What American literary and political theme is found in “The Declaration of

From a Stride Toward Freedom

18. What three methods of opposing oppression does King describe?

19. According to King, how does the third method reconcile the truths of the first two
while avoiding their evils?

20. What three elements does King say are necessary to achieve integration?
From Necessary to Protect Ourselves

21. What does Malcom X urge African Americans to do? How does he justify this

22. What analogy does Malcom X draw between the black people of his day and the
founders of America?