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Heidegger’s Experiment

1. What has each of these four characters wasted or lost?

2. What relationship did the four guests have in their youth?

3. What mood is established by this description?

4. What do you think of Dr. Heidegger’s reason for not wanting to be young again?

5. What warning does Dr. Heidegger give his guests?

6. Should the guests feel so confident that they will not repeat the errors of the

7. What do you think is the purpose of Dr. Heidegger’s experiment?

8. Is the effect of the water physical or psychological?

9. How do the guests begin to behave as soon as their youth is restored?

10. How does the narrator say youth and old age are alike?

11. Whom or what are the guests mocking and why?

12. The narrator is unclear about whether the reflection is real or an illusion. Why?
What does the image in the mirror reveal?

13. How does the characters’ behavior in the scene compare with that of their youth?

14. Can you infer how Dr. Heidegger feels about old age from the way he regards the

15. What lesson has Dr. Heidegger learned?

16. What are some of the allegories in this piece?