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Masque of the Red Death

1. How is life outside the abbey different from life inside?

Life outside the Abbey is the plague “red Death” and inside
there is no plague or they believe they are protected.

2. How do you explain the effect of the ebony clock’s chimes

on the assembled guests?

-terrified because with each passing hour they draw closer to

their own death

- allegory- for fate; death

-brings them back to reality; chimes make them feel anxious

3. How do such comparisons help you imagine the scene?

Unreal dreamy sort of setting; Poe is setting us up for the fall;

giving us that imagery

4. Why do you think none of the revellers venture into the

seventh room?

It is scary, there is very little light; It reminds them of death;

the only color that comes out is blood like (crimson)

5. What effect does the strange figure who appears at the stroke
of midnight have on the revellers?

-surprised at first and then become scared; shock, discontent

6. Why does Prince Prospero get so mad?

-thinks he is mocking them; does not like the costume (red);

the masked figure ruins the mood.

7. Why do you think the masked figure is allowed to walk the

length of the rooms uninterrupted?

-because they are scared of him; don’t want to touch him

Ending- The revellers remove the mask and there is nothing

there- The masked individual is an allegory for the plague (the
red death)

Gothic Literature:

Literature characterized by grotesque characters, bizarre

situations, and violent events.