Actor Actress Permission Form 2

ABR Productions

Actor / Actress Permission Form
Congratulations on receiving a part in the latest ABR Production. You will be participating in an AS Level Media film production co-ordinated by students at Sawtry Community College. This form records your consent for you to be photographed and filmed for education purposes. These images and video material will contribute to the evidence for the students’ portfolios. This material will also be featured on YouTube and for the purposes of assessment. Upon your request, any footage or photographs that have been captured or taken will be provided. I, ________________ give consent to be filmed and photographed. I agree to the media captured to be submitted to YouTube and for assessment purposes. Signed _________________ Date _____________________

Please indicate below any preferences or special requests you have with regards to the project.

Alexander Mulley 07528685891 Beatrice Brown 07503162849 Ryan Weir 07521402631

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