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11 11 11 1n c 1n,5 4a 13 45,-1d a0 -1b a5,-1d 9o -1b ae -p ae,3a d9 3a df 2l df,3a

dc 3a ct,-7 g5 -7 ft,-7 g0 -7 ge i gc,2i ke 3i kc,1o qn 14 r6 i r6,-2s 102 -2l 15h,-30 18j

-2u 19d -2o 1a8 -2b 1b7 -1k 1c0 -g 1ce 13 1cd,10 1ce 1u 1cc 2p 1c2,2k 1bf 27
1c0,4q 1h9 5e 1gv,2f 1i9 2d 1is 3b 1is,89 20f 89 21a 89 229 88 236 88 246 8b 257
8j 26b 8r 27b 97 28n 9j 2a7 aj 2bf bs 2cm d8 2ds eo 2eu ga 2fp hq 2gc j6 2gm kh
2gq lv 2gs nf 2gr p1 2gm qj 2gc s6 2fr to 2f5 v3 2e8 109 2d8,107 2di 10n 2co 119
2br 11t 2ai 128 299 12a 27n 123 269 11s 251,1l7 1sc 1l7 1t5 1kc 1t5,1dj 216 1du
21m 1e3 22c 1e4 23b 1e5 24b 1e6 25a 1e8 26b 1ea 27g 1eb 28p 1eb 2a9 1ef
2bk,1h5 2hn 1h5 2i8 1i0 2hs,1p4 4mj 1p6 4nd 1p9 4oc 1pb 4pd 1pf 4qg 1pn 4re
1q1 4sb 1qf 4t8 1r6 4tu 1s3 4ur 1t4 4vt 1u5 50s 1vb 51u 20l 530 222 540 23h 54t
252 55m 26h 566,25i 55t 269 55q,2b6 57b 2bp 57n 2cb 585 2d3 58h 2dv 58r 2et
593 2g1 599 2h2 59c 2i0 598 2iq 58s 2jb 589,2o9 5gr 2os 5hg 2pg 5i7 2q6 5j0 2qu
5jk 2rr 5k4 2t0 5ki 2u4 5kq 2vh 5l3 30r 5la 327 5lg 33l 5ll 354 5lm 36c 5lk 37i 5lg
38n 5lb,3g3 5v3 3hl 5vb,3m0 622 3m0 62j 3l2 62j,3hs 65u 3hf 66i 3gu 678 3gd 67v
3fp 68n 3ev 69f 3e2 6a3 3cu 6al 3br 6b0 3ai 6b6 393 6b1 37j 6ak 363 6a6,30r 6ff
30i 6gg 303 6ho 2vj 6iv 2ut 6k6 2tn 6lg 2s4 6mp 2qa 6nr 2od 6og 2me 6oq 2kf 6on
2ik 6oa 2go 6nq,2cl 6pr 2c9 6q9 2bg 6qn 2al 6r1 29p 6r7,2a0 6r5 295 6r6 289
6r4,23n 6pq 245 6qj 24m 6rj 257 6si 25s 6tl 26n 6un 27k 6vs 28g 70t 29g 71t 2al
72t 2bs 73q 2d9 74k 2ei 753 2ft 75a 2gt 757 2id 754 2jv 753,2mp 76c 2ni 76c,2ql
79s 2rn 79o,2tq 7be 2ut 7be,329 7go 337 7go,34r 7lu 35p 7lu,367 7r2 36v 7r5,382
7v2 394 7v2,37t 83v 390 847 3a4 84e 3bg 84q 3cv 851 3ei 84u 3gc 84r 3i6 84p
3k1 84p 3ls 84o 3no 84o 3pk 84p 3rf 84r 3tb 84t 3v7 84v 413 852 430 852,4c5 82v
433 840 4c5 84m,4c0 82v 4c2 84n,4bo 827 448 82t 4bt 82v 4bt 826 4bf 826,4c0
84m 448 84m 4bu 85d 4c3 84a##G 40v 840 2r,B 40b 84i 2l,B 3dv 84h 2m,T 38k
7v6,T 375 7r1,T 35q 7lt,T 32n 7gc,T 2ul 7b7,T 2r0 79d,T 2n8 767,T 2hi 74i,T 24o
6qn,T 2lr 6ok,T 28v 6qq,T 2s2 6m4,T 303 6gd,T 36i 69u,T 3c7 6ad,T 3gk 676,T 3lp
628,T 3h2 5us,T 325 5l5,T 2po 5hi,T 2hq 58g,T 269 55h,T 1u6 50b,T 1pj 4oo,T 1hi
2hs,T 1ef 282,T 1km 1sq,T 112 280,T j0 2gl,T 8i 21p,T a5 2a9,T j 1b,T e 3r,T -14
a0,T 30 ct,T 1 g6,T 2r k3,B b2 1qk l0,G b9 21v jq,B c0 280 jg,B bm 28d j4,B bu 28v
ib,B cn 298 io,G go 2fc eg,G is 2dk gs,G 1b2 1np gt,G 1h8 24a jo,T k re,T -2k 12o,T
-2j 149,T -2j 15m,T -n 1c2,T 15 1c2,T 2k 1b6,T 52 1gt,T 2j 1ih

*Karl* 5 months ago

dont push any buttons on this course just let the block fly

18 1i 22 1i 2t 1c 3r r 4l -8 55 -1g 5e -2t 5g -48 59 -5g 4q -6n 40 -7p 2v -8l 1p -99 f -9k -t -9j -28
-96 -3g -8b -4e -7e -56 -67 -5k -4s -5o -3g -5l -27 -56 -r -4d 9 -3a 16,18 1i -18 1i -3e 18 -3e 1i,-
3e 18 -2q 1i,b8 -7q ie -ie,34 -rq 1n0 -rq 1nu -rh 1ot -r1 1pn -qc 1qb -pa 1qo -o7 1r3 -mk 1qr -l3
1q4 -jh 1on -ib 1mt -hi 1l0 -h3 1j3 -gu 1h8 -h6 1fl -hn 1e9 -if 1d6 -jf 1cf -kj 1c0 -lp 1bp -n9 1c0
-oj,1na -13k 3us -13a 3ea -l8,366 -o2 36a -ll 36s -im 37o -fa 38n -ct 3ah -ab 3d1 -7r 3fu -5i 3k7
-3s 3os -2p 3td -2c 41p -25 45s -1u 49n -1n 4da -4p 4g4 -8i 4ie -cj 4kb -gl 4lr -ko 4n5 -om 4o5
-sh 4oi -10f 4op -14d 4oo -18a 4oj -1c4 4oc -1fq 4o5 -1j8 4o1 -1mh 4nu -1pk,21k -9vc 30i
-9v2,21k -9vc 1a6 -bdu,2js -9v8 30e -a2s 30f -9v3,5k7 -9p4 60i -an8,60m -anb 614 -bnp,5kd
-9pg 5av -9pg 4ut -alq,614 -bni 652 -bni 64r -ani 60f -ani,d0 -74 jq -hp,3tf -139 3tt -12h,3tl -13a
3u3 -12o,3tt -139 3u8 -12p,3ub -12u 3u6 -13a,3ug -131 3ud -13a,3uk -137 3ug -13d,3te -13d 3u4
-12b,3ti -13f 3u6 -121,3tf -13e 3u2 -129,3th -13i 3u5 -124,3tg -13h 3u0 -126,3tc -13g 3ua
-124,3td -13j 3ug -11c,3tc -13b 3ud -11o,3t4 -13i 3ug -11g,3t7 -13g 3ul -118,3t7 -13g 3ul
-116,1aa -be1 gq -d6r,5ca -clr 5c6 -cat#3sm -3lg 44q -3lg,3sm -488 45o -488,3qg -4vc 43s
-4vc,3ou -5ka 454 -5ka,3ou -6e8 46c -6e8,3m4 -73q 43i -73q,3m4 -7qk 44q -7qk,3n2 -8ea 438
-8e0,3me -96m 45o -97a,3ju -9s8 4c0 -9ru,37e -a2g 37e -9o6,3d2 -a26 3fs -a2g 3fs -9po 3ce
-9po,3ce -9q2 3ce -a18,3e0 -9eq 3e0 -9cu 3ho -9cu 3ho -9fo 3e0 -9fe,3ho -9cu 3ho -96c,3eu
-8dm 3eu -89u 3im -89u 3j0 -8ek 3dm -8ek 3dm -8ic 3ic -8ic 3i2 -8ek,3ek -808 3ja -7vu 3eu
-7n6,3fi -7am 3eu -736 3ho -736 3h4 -76k 3fi -76a,3lq -6j8 3i2 -6ji 3i2 -6go 3l6 -6go 3l6 -6cm
3ic -6cm,3he -5p0 3h4 -5mq,3ki -5om 3ki -5li,3i2 -5mg 3ks -5m6 3ki -5h6,3j0 -55u 3me -55u
3me -51s 3ju -51s,3ju -500 3k8 -500,3mo -51s 3mo -4v2 3ic -4v2,3k8 -4eg 3ou -4eg 3ou
-4a4,3ok -4a4 3ks -4a4 3ks -46c 3ou -46c,3oa -3ps 3q6 -3s2 3q6 -3l6,3pi -3ki 3re -3ki,4v3 -alp
607 -an3,50r -ai2 5um -aj5,539 -aci 5sn -ads,54q -a8d 5rd -a9g,577 -a28 5o3 -a2t,56b -a4t 5ps
-a60,58v -9u3 5mi -9ua,5an -9rf 5l1 -9rm,58h -9vr 5mi -a0n,52k -aeo 5vb -agh,5b5 -9pu 5qh
-a8r,58h -a02 5vp -ams,55m -a6l 5lf -an3,53g -aea 5bj -ams,5jn -aml 5s2 -adl,5b5 -am7 5q3
-a8d,50k -am0 5mi -a15,54c -a9n 5l1 -9r8,58a -9vd 5g7 -9pn#G 5cs -cbm 58,G 5cp -cap 5e,G
5c9 -cb9 5i,G 5cp -cb6 5d,B 5cc -cb3 5a,B 5cp -cb3 5j,B 5cv -cb9 5b,B 5cm -cb3 5j,B 5cf -cbf
5j,G 5c3 -cb3 5g,G 5cs -cb3 5f,G 5cm -cei 5b,G 5cj -cbf 5j,G 5cf -ccc 5f,G 5cj -cdm 5i,G 5cm
-cfc 5f,G 5cm -cgi 5a,G 5cc -chi 5e,G 5cj -cil 5f,G 5cp -cjr 5h,G 5cs -cku 5k,B 2um -a3k 1r,B
2v7 -a33 20,B 2vc -a3e 1b,B 30e -a33 1b,B 2vc -a3k 12,B 303 -a3e 1c,G 3ta -12n 77,G 3tb -12n
70,G 3t9 -12n 75,G kg -ie 14,B 1s u c6,B 3e k bj,B 50 -3e lq,B 4c -6i ks,B 2q -84 k8,B -a -9c
io,B -2g -84 ih,B -42 -6s hg,B -4m -4m gu,B -4c -26 ga,B -3o -a fd,B -2g u e2,B 4m -u md,B 0
18 cl,B u u dp,B 2g u d4,B 3e a c7,B 42 0 bu...