Your World Is In Your Hands

posted by themegacoach | 12:00am Thursday January 26, 2012 “Your success in life does not altogether depend upon natural ability; it also depends upon determination to grasp the opportunity that is presented to you. Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance. They are either created now, or were created at some time in the recent past, or the distant past, by yourself. “Since you have earned them, use them to the best advantage. You can make your life much more worthwhile now and in the future if you focus your attention upon your immediate needs and then use all available information, as well as your abilities, to fulfill them. You must develop all the powers that God gave you, the unlimited powers that come from innermost forces of your being.” Paramahansa Yogananda Think prosperously, feel prosperous, be prosperous….. God’s rich supply is all around you universally, as well as innately within you, as talents and abilities and ideas longing for expression. But that rich supply and substance must be contacted and used. Your mind is your connecting link with it.

Your attitudes, your mental concepts, beliefs, outlook and feelings are your connecting links with God’s rich substance and your access to it. God can only do for you what He can do through you, by means of your thoughts and ideas which lead to your reactions. Thus, prosperous thinking opens the way to prosperous results. “I STIR UP THE GIFTS OF GOD WITHIN ME AND AROUND ME, AND I AM BLESSED ON EVERY HAND WITH HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND TRUE ACHIEVEMENT.” “I AM A MEGA MAGNET OF DIVINE LOVE AND ABUNDANCE AND I AM JOYOUSLY ONE WITH MEGA WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS.” prosperously yours, Lee The Mega Coach

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