2D Design ART 1201C

Spring 2012

Instructor: Mark Creegan

Project: Value and Newsprint Portrait Step 1: Create a 10 step value scale with black and white acrylic paint or gouache on Bristol paper. Use 3 X 2 in rectangles painted from pure white to pure black and have each value in between show a gradual gradient. In the center of each panel have a shape that is made the same mid-tone value.

Step 2: Create a value self-portrait using black and white newsprint (newspaper text) to show at least 5 different values. Create this on a 16X20 inch illustration board or Canson Board. You can use color print for background. Process: Option1) Find or take a close up photo of yourself. Use posterize filter in photoshop or pixler.com to simplify image to 5 values. I will demo this process in class. You can freehand the simplified image onto your 16 X 20 inch illustration board or use the projector. Then cut or tear several pieces of newspaper text to create a palette of tones. The pieces should NOT be larger than an inch. Separate into 5 different values looking at the different tones create via print (density of text, width of letters, size of text, etc). Put these into 5 different baggies or boxes. Constantly refer to your posterized portrait to help with the shape and placement of the different tones. Use glue to attach the text pieces.

Option 2) Find a portrait of famous, infamous person, Posterize as in option 1. And draw onto a 16X20 inch illustration board. Write down descriptive words for this person. Type those words using different sizes, densities, fonts, etc to create shapes of at least 5 different tones. Glue tonal areas to drawing using your posterized image as reference.

Grade Criteria: Technical: Overall craft of piece, how well are the 5 different tonal areas described? Conceptual: Does the image show 5 different value areas? Aesthetic: Does the project achieve the above in an interesting and visually pleasing way? Process: Did the project use digital programs or preliminary drawings to simplify image and separate different tonal areas? DUE Thursday March 22nd

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