hi, i tried to configure zxdsl 831AII modem without help of bsnl persons.

they were too busy and were unable to solve my problem..... finally i managed to connect internet in both (always on and dialup like bridge) mode in windows xp sp2 for always on method A. 1. go to "network connection" in control pannel, right click "local area network " 2. click "properties".

1. from list select "internet protocol (tcp/ip)", 2. click "properties". 3. in general tab click "use the following ip address" and enter as follows ip: subnet mask: gateway: 4 dsn server: 5. CLICK OK

B. Now open web browser and type address in address bar and log in using 1. usernaem: admin / password: admin 2. click ok 3. click "configure" in left side, [/URL] and now on internet connection configuration page click "ADD" if you already do not have pppoe_0_35 setting in modem, 1. click "internet" 2. click add IF U ALREADY HAVE pppoe_0_35 entry as shown here, do not click add, click edit ( pencil) if there is already a listing of pppoe_0_35 then click corrosponding EDIT butten or click ADD. C after clicking ADD/EDIT in "configure atm pvc" page select these 1. VPI 0 2. VCI 35 3. SERVICE CATAGORY UBR WITHOUT PCR 4. NEXT D in next page configuration connection type: 1. select "ppp over ethernet" and Encapsulation Type: "llc/snap" 2. click NEXT

. thanks . Password (provided by bsnl) 4.. and you are done. restart modem. click system. click reset and restart. click NEXT F in next Summary page 1..E in 1.in. or @dataone.... reenter password 5. CLICK APPLY. 2. click restart (without reset selection) [ if anyone is intrested in bridgemode (dialup like setup) please reply. 4.. 3..... select always on 6. select service name (anything) 2. configur WAN IP Address settings page select click obtain an IP address automatically click Enable NAT click Add default Route click NEXT F configure Broadband username and password page 1. . to restart.in etc 3... usernaem (username provided by bsnl without @bsnl.

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