HOMEWORK-1 CSE-403T Allocation Week-5th Each question carries 5 Marks Q.

1 A generalization of the Caesar cipher, knows as the X Caesar cipher, has the following form: For each plaintext letter P, substitute the cipher text letter C: C = E([a, b], P) = (a × p + b) mod 26 (Encryption Algo.) P = D([a,b],C) = ((C-b) × a-1) mod 26 (Decryption Algo.) Where C ->Cipher Text, P->Plain Text, E->Encryption, D->Decryption, a=7 and b=2 are two keys (1+1+1+2) Marks (i) Encrypt the text “hello” using X Caesar cipher (show whole process). (ii) Is there any limitation on the value of a, if yes then why? (iii)Decrypt the text ”zebbw” using the above algorithm (show whole process). (iv)Encrypt the text “hello” and decrypt the text “zebbw” after swapping the value of a and b? Whether encryption and decryption is possible after swapping the value of a and b? Q.2 “A strike in city called by some political parties due to that whole city and citizen got affected” try to relate the situation with particular attack under active and passive attack category (specify the name of particular attack that comes under active and passive attack) Give similar real life example of Masquerading, Replay, Repudiation and denial of service attack? [5] Q.3 This problem provides a numerical example of encryption using a one-round version of DES. We start with the key K and the plaintext P.T., that are given format a. b. c. d. e. K = 581FBC94D3A452EA and P.T. =3570E2F1BA4682C7 all are in Hexadecimal [5] MM: 20 Submission Week-6th

Derive K1, the first-round subkey. Derive L0, R0. Expand R0 to get E[R0], where E[·] is the expansion function. Calculate A = E[R0] +K1. Group the 48-bit result of (d) into sets of 6 bits and evaluate the corresponding S-box substitutions. f. Concatenate the results of (e) to get a 32-bit result, B. g. Apply the permutation to get P(B).

Substract 11 from 7 in Z1 find all residue class for Z5 [1+1+(1+1+1)] Marks . Where + indicates the XOR operation Q.h.4 (i) Find All multiplicative inverse pairs in Z11 (ii) Add 7 to 14 in Z15 (iii) Multiply 11 by 7 in Z13. Calculate R1 = P(B) + L0. i. Write down the cipher text.

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