Names on account, holder of accounts (specify account types) and numbers has requested us to disclose to your office the

balance of his/her account(s) maintained at our Branch/Bank. (Please indicate the type of accounts if more than one and the balance in each) Therefore, based upon the information we have on file we would like to inform you that they have been a customer/client of ours since XXXX and his/her account reflects an average balance of XXXXX which is equivalent to USD as of month/day/year. (Please note, that the balance should reflect at least the amount to cover the total estimated program fees for the length of the program. Sincerely, Name Title What is an acceptable bank statement? All documents must be original. Copies and faxes cannot be used. The date of bank documents must be no more than 6 months old from the date your immigration documents will be processed. Bank statements must be signed by a bank official and funds must be in a savings, money market, or certificate of deposit account. Checking or current accounts are not acceptable. Maturity dates must be provided for certificate of deposits and other time deposits. These deposits must mature on or before the 1st day of your 1st semester of study. Documents should be issued showing total funds in U.S. dollars. Sufficient funding must be shown to cover the total costs listed on the Declaration and Certification of Finances form.

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