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Testimonies of Scientists

Testimonies of Scientists

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Ph.D. in Ophthalmic Science from Glasgow University,
Sir Jules Thorn Lecturer in Ophthalmic Science at

When asked by Answers in Genesis if accepting the
Genesis account of creation is essential to his Christian
faith, he replied:

“Yes! On not literally accepting the Genesis account of
creation one is left with a major problem—what Scriptures
do you accept as true and what Scriptures do you reject as
false? Only by accepting the whole of Scripture as the
inspired Word of God does one avoid this dilemma. There
are Scriptures that are a source of stumbling to the intellect.
My practice is to ‘pigeon-hole’ them temporarily and never
allow them to be a stumbling block to my faith. It’s amazing
how many of these knotty problems have subsequently
resolved themselves. Thus Genesis creation may initially
appear to be hard to accept, but it strikes me that evolution
is equally if not more problematic to believe” (“An Eye for
Creation: An Interview with Eye-disease Researcher Dr.
George Marshall,” Creation, September 1996, http://

To the question what advice he would give to Christian
students, or to Christians in a science course or teaching
situation he replied:

“First, recognize that science can become a ‘religion’ in its
own right. Scientists say something, so the general public


(the ‘worshippers’) accept it without question. Scientists are
much more cautious about one another’s findings. Second,
science is not static. The science of today is quite different
in many ways from the science of yesterday, and will
probably bear little resemblance to the science of tomorrow.
People once believed in ‘spontaneous generation’ which
could be ‘proved’ by putting an old sack and a few bits of
cheese in a dark corner. Mice spontaneously generated out
of the sack. We laugh at such notions, but I suspect that in a
hundred years’ time people will laugh at some of our
scientific notions. Third, one can still become an eminent
scientist without accepting evolutionary dogma; the ability to
produce sound science in the laboratory is not diminished by
one’s stance on creation.”

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