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English 10: Poster Magic!

Directions: Choose a poem or song lyrics (2o lines long minimum) and print it out. Make sure it is not so simple that it does not need analysis! Get a thumbs up from Ms. Clark for your poem/lyrics ASAP. Prepare your posteruse the poster rubric. Get help from Ms. Clark if you need it. Avoid errors for full credit! Have at least six, or for an A, 9 characteristics of your poem/ song. 1. Narrators tonebe specific and why? 2. Three figures of speech (metaphor, simile, irony, etc.refer to 10th grade poetry terms) 3. RepetitionAny refrains or repetition of words or phrases? Why did the author choose to repeat this part? 4. A symbol 5. Three examples of imagerywords or senses appealing to the five senses. 6. ThemeWhat is the song or poems message? Do you think it is important or meaningful, and why? 7. Use of rhyme, and of what importance are the words that rhyme? 8. What do you like about this poem/lyrics? 9. What are some striking/meaningful expressions or images used; what effects do they have on you as you read and think about them?

Short and Sweet Poster Rubric

1. 2. 3. 4. Is the poster neat? Is the poster legible from more than ten feet away? Does it have both words and illustrations, but more of the former? Does the information cover broad topics, but also supports these with specific information or points? 5. Are the illustrations accurate and specific to your topic? 6. Is your analysis of the poetic devices accurate and detailed? 7. Do I understand this song or poem better now because of your interpretation?