Vampire Woman She lurks on the corner, putting on a viper’s skin Her fragrance calls out for you

Like a hypnotised, you respond to its call You lust for her feel Her lips soft and welcoming part, exposing her spotless white fangs She whispers into your ears the words echo with resonance She turns her back on you Something in you wants to stay The animal in you wants to be satisfied In stubbornness you shut the master’s door in your mind You trace her exact footprints in the sand In front of you she strides with so much perfection like a lioness in her pride Just like the lioness she is, she takes you into her den She lightens the way as she walks Once again the Master knocks on the door You hear but blank it out Your pulse has risen to infinity Your thoughts have become poisoned The man in you must be satisfied Her seductive eyes beckon on you to sit You sit and drink from her cup It tastes good and you feel HIGH! For the last time the master calls your name You hear it loud and clear and she knows you heard it To stop you from running away she becomes Eve-like The Adamic nature in you bursts out like a beast

You are high on booze and she looks like wild fire to you Her bosom feels good; her power lies in her pride (Every woman’s pride) With so much gratitude in your eyes, you run into her She moans out, calling your name Like a gladiator, you are challenged to work harder In the height of ecstasy you give up to her Your muscles go limb Gradually you come back to your senses With your blood in her vampire fangs, she smiles at you You feel the blood rushing out of your skins It’s too late to back out You remember .....

You never would have come here Alvan Obichie 17-03-2011

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