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Plant of the Crompton & Knowles Loom Works at Worcester.

covering 13 acres of ground.

Every department on these 13 acres may be reached by, or connect with, the lines of

the New England Telephone & Telegraph Company,

by means of that great business economy,

The Private Branch Telephone Exchange

A branch exchange
This switchboard is is true economy in any
the key to the situation. manufacturing plant,
All calls are handled large or small. One
here-whether inward of its great features is
or outward. The man­ FREE AND UN­
ager is thus in touch LIMITED INTER­
with every department COMMUNICA­
of his ()rganizati()n. . ·~_ TION between differ­
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If you are in dou bt as to the

efficiency of you r telephone
equipment call our manager,
and he will send an expert to give your

ew England Telephone
and Telegraph Company