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Matt Wilson

Executive Director of Mission
The Message Trust
Manchester UK

Transforming Church-Forsaken Communities

“There are no God-forsaken places, there are just church-forsaken places” Jon Fuller, OM




The call of Jesus goes in the other direction.John 1:14 The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood Most of the messages we receive are about how to make life easier. Rob Bell .

Tony Campolo .The Forsaken 5% The conditions among the growing underclass in the blighted neighbourhoods of our cities can only be described as desperate. along with plans for translating their vision into concrete reality. What is needed are charismatic leaders with an inspired alternative vision for the cities of our country.

In the centre of the village.” The Proximity Principle . Later. bystanders were all principle quoted as saying they were horrified but “didn’t want to get involved. Mowaka is overpowered by Proximity army ants.

Who’s in? Who’s out? .

ours TURF theirs theirs TERMS ours .

Sacred Space Model .

Sphere of Grace Model .

extra. Jen’s story ordinary moments .


can these bones live? Ezekiel 37:3 . He asked me Son of man.