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Mimir's Head

Mimir's Head

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Published by: Chad Axe on Mar 07, 2012
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The Hero's Journey is not totally about conflict and
challenge. There are many Halls in which we can find
pleasure and relaxation. The Gods sport and feast in Their
High Abodes. A handsome Vana-man or woman can keep us
happy. We do not always need to fight. A safe haven to heal
when wounded is needed, and keeping frith is honorable as
well. Diplomacy is every bit the art as weapon skill. It is
through this that we find the support and aid we might need to
call on. The point is to not get stuck here. There is a balance.
Every pleasure turns bad if overindulged in. A moment of
peace and pleasure though are certainly welcome. After this
on with the Saga..

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