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Mimir's Head

Mimir's Head

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Published by: Chad Axe on Mar 07, 2012
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The Dwarfs are the subterranean inhabitants of
Svartalfheim. They are the spirits of Earth and are solely
concerned with the material world. They are depicted as cave
or mound dwellers because they do not like the light of the
Overworld. They prefer their darkness, thus they are also
named Dokkalfar or Dark Elves.
These beings are associated with the plants, trees, animals,
minerals, and elements. They are versed in the Magick of
Earth and Fire. They turn resources into usable forms. They
forged the implements of the Gods, and when humans
interface with the Dwarfs we get our technology. This is a low,
short, or dwarfish form of sorcery. They will build for Giants,
as well as Gods. They are a bit tunnel blind or maybe it can be
said that they are shortsighted. It was this narrowness that led
to the murder of wise Kvasir. They presume knowledge, but
they only know what they know. Despite their shortcomings,
they are nifty and useful. Be wise in dealing with them. So be

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