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Mimir's Head

Mimir's Head

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Published by: Chad Axe on Mar 07, 2012
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The lame man rides a horse, the handless man drives
the deaf man fights and succeeds;
to be blind is better than to be burnt:
a corpse is of no use to anyone.

Havamal, Larrington, trans.

In survival based cultures people were not as expendable as
they are in a modernist consumer culture. Everyone has a role
despite any disability or difference. In fact, some of this is

exploited and the functions of the community were always

Today there is a lot of hot air blowing around about
homosexuality. We in Asatru know that the nature or Wyrd of
an individual is not as important as his or her deeds and
virtues. Kristjans place a lot on their version of human nature.
We, on the other hand, can dispense with this, and let that
which is praiseworthy be exactly that. Everyone is worth
something and can find a place in the Circle.
Gay men typically do not have immediate families of their
own; that is a wife and children. This puts them in a good
place to care for elders, widows, and orphans. Their emotional
natures usually are sound for this kind of role as well. Gay
men generally are non-combative which gives them a place as
peacemakers, although many great warriors were/are
homosexual. Gay men tend to have a refined sensitivity to
Deity and inspiration which makes them excellent poets,
artists, shamans, and priests.
Lesbians too have a role. Many women have led war bands
and taken wives. Lesbians guard the inner mysteries of the
Goddess as well. It is She knowing Herself as Herself. This is
the deep part of the feminine that a man cannot cross, no
matter how much the thurse-man will try to prove differently.
A lot goes into sustaining a warrior and if s/he ignores the
support, then the whole hall will fall. Difference is not a
disadvantage, and again though, one is blessed like this or like
that; all have a place.

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