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Mimir's Head

Mimir's Head

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Published by Chad Axe

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Published by: Chad Axe on Mar 07, 2012
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Beware the seeds of Loki! Loki is infamous for causing
troubles and mischief. He can make you see what is not there
and think suspiciously. He is the Father of Lies. His speech is
gossip and malice. Of course His spirit comes around more
when you lie and gossip yourself. This creates interpersonal
problems, arguments in the family or kindred, and trouble with
the law. If all of this is to your liking, then embrace the Sly
One and accept the consequences. If this is not your path, then
become aware of the discord around and within you and refuse
to engage it any longer. In this way we work with this Loki
spirit and become wise. He is hailed with Odin for a reason.

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