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Mimir's Head

Mimir's Head

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Published by Chad Axe

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Published by: Chad Axe on Mar 07, 2012
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Are the Gods real personalities or are they
personifications? Is the Edda a universal matrix of wisdom
intuitively grasped, or Icelandic literature that forms the basis
of our lore? Are the runes the manifold mysteries of nature or
the 24 characters of the Futhark?
These questions and more can come up in our theological and
philosophical thinking. Hopefully we are like the dwarf in the
“Lay of Alvis or Allwise” and are able to take a multi-versal
perspective; and also, think more in terms of continuum rather
than in rigid “this” or “that” thinking.

In the Lay Allwise was able to understand specific
phenomenon from the standpoint of differing worlds and
beings. For example, He would see Moon or the moon from
the position of Gods, Giants, Elves, and the other beings. This
kind of openness should keep us from the dangers of dogma
and allow us the creativity and fluidity that other belief
systems do not have.
Unlike Alvis the dwarf, we cannot allow ourselves arrogance;
for despite his wit and wisdom, he was still fooled by Thor and
turned to stone. Let us be moderate in our wisdom and respect
the Higher Powers that create and sustain us, especially do not
demand Their daughters.

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