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to the unexpected large enrollment we will assess this activity online, but will still discuss the chapter in class. The schedule for completing both halves of the task will be delayed to enable everyone time to get access to the book. Please note, not having been able to buy (and/or receive) the book on time will not be an acceptable excuse given the extension of time all ready factored in to accommodate these changes. Schedule of Contributions You are free to post to your personal blog (i.e. the same area on MyLO you are using for the online blogging exercise) your answers to the reflection questions below any time before the extended due dates. Due Dates Chapters 1 to 5: Postings to be made by the 16th of May Chapters 6 to 9: Postings to be made by the 30th of May Note: late postings will not be assessed Reflection Questions Chapters 1 to 5 (complete before May 16) 1. Do you have the inner strength to bounce back from disappointment? (chp 1) 2. How do you want to make a contribution to the world? (chp 1) 3. How many mentors do you have in your life? (chp 1) 4. How do you define success? (chp 2) 5. Could you cope relying on luck? (chp 2) 6. Could you live with your unethical self? (chp 2) 7. Would you borrow money from family, friends or fools to start a business? (chp 3) 8. Could you live your business 24/7? (chp 3) 9. How well do you work with others? (chp 4) 10. Do you think you could sack someone? (chp 4) 11. When you fall in love, do you plan to separate at that moment in time? (chp 5) Chapters 6 to 9 (complete before May 30) 12. Are you willing to commit your time to cultivate relationships? (chp 6) 13. What aspects of your current life would lead you to believe you could successfully start a business? (chp 7) 14. Would you be willing to do all the jobs required to start a business? (chp 7) 15. How do you currently celebrate milestones? (chp 7) 16. Do you see yourself as a salesperson? (chp 8) 17. From where does your motivation come? (chp 8) 18. Do you think it would be easy to start a business? (explain pls) (chp 9) 19. In general life, do you demonstrate much humility? (chp 9)

Book Discussions

Task Checklist/Process Read the chapters: 1 to 5 and then 6 to 9 Along the way, consider the reflection question above Post your answers to the questions on MyLO in your blogging space Ensure you post your answers to questions 1 to 11 by May 16 and to questions 12 to 19 by May 30 Note: you are free to start this task as early as you wish, but please post your answers in no more than two postings. i.e. do not use 19 separate posting for each question. Either, post questions 1 to 11 in one postings and questions 12 to 19 in a separate posting as instructed above, or, post all 19 questions by May 16