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Shri Dharmadas Chatterjee, WBCS,

Deputy Secretary, Department of P & A.R.
Government of west Bengal,
Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700001

Subject:- Sanction of Arrear payments i/c with Pensionary Benefits in terms of the
Recommendations of 6th Pay Commission.

Dear Sir,
I am to say that as advised by you and as required for official use, I am submitting
herewith the duly filled in 2-sets of Single Comprehensive Form as well as Pension-
Commutation-option Form D in 2-sets, along with all earlier relevant documents for ready
I do request you to kindly take up with WBAG(A&E) to expedite sanction, release
and regularization of matters relating to enhancement of my due post-retirement benefits,
arisen out of implementation of 6th Pay Commission, which inter-alia includes :-
[1] Revised upward fixation of my pension entitlement w.e.f 01-12-2006 till date, in partial
modification of Pension Payment Order of AG-WB (A&E) vide Pen.XI/1,25538 dated
[a] payment of the arrear dues w.e.f. 01-12-2006 till date of regular payments starts, and
[b] ensuring regular monthly encashment of revised pension to my SBI, Narkeldanga
Branch [ Br. Code No. 1850], SB A/C No. 01190045380 through existing system of
ECR encashment as my MICR No. is 7000002069 ;
[2] Sanction and payment of revised Commuted Value of Pension @ 40% by way of partial
modification of Pension Payment Order of AG-WB(A&E) vide Pen.XI/26867 dated 9 th Nov,2006
payable by a single cheque;

[3] Sanction and payment of additional Retiring Gratuity i.e Rs. 6,50,000.00 only [i.e.
10,00,000.00 – 3,50,000.00 already paid ] by way of partial modification of Retiring Gratuity
Payment Order of AG-WB(A&E) vide Pen.XI/1,28412 dated 8th Nov,2006;

Fro your kind ready reference, I enclose herewith all the abovementioned orders of
AGWB(A&E) foe early processing and urgent recommendations of your department.

Yours Sincerely,

[Sukumar Das]
Kolkata, the 24th Nov,2008