This is rough translation of the MARATHI article in VEDCHAKSHU, of Nasik by Dr.

YESHWANT SAKHARAM SHUKLA of Nasik Note only relevant parts of this article are translated ===================== VIPAREETA RAJA YOGA One has to enjoy the results of the bad deeds of the past lives, in this life. The houses 6,8,12 of the Birth Chart, indicate the difficulties one has experience in this life. Only the person who faces his difficulties with intelligence and boldness is honored by the public. Of the 12 houses in the chart, the Kendras(1,4,7,10), and the Konas(5,9) are the Places of Vishnu and Laxmi .These are Shubha( Benific ). The 2nd house also is mostly beneficial. The rest are ashubha (malefic). Of these the the Dusthanas or Trik , the 6,8,12 th houses are most malefic. The 3rd and 11th houses are mildly malefic. The 3rd house is the 8th from the 8th house,the 11th is the 6th from the 6th,and also 12th from the 12th. If the lords of these Dusthanas, are not improved by other benefic yogas, then DURING their Dasas, they will give bad results. (Note here the author refers to the Vimsottari Dasa periods, and sub periods only) Here we have to consider the results of these dusthanas. Even though these houses, and their Lords indicate malefic results, there are certain yogas(combinations) of the planets in these houses, which can reduce, or even fully overcome the evil results, and give BENEFICIAL results. Such benefice results are indicated mainly by 'VIPAREETA RAJA YOGAS". These are considered below: a) The results of the dustanas are nullified by other YOGAS. b) Lord of the Dusthanas is in the Dusthana, itself. c) Vipareeta Raja Yoga is formed A: We know which planets are benefits and which are malefics, for each LAGNA OR ASCENDANT. Of these Sun and Moon will govern one house, and the other 5 Mars,Merc,Jup.,Ven. Sat will govern (are Lords of) two houses each. Amongst the two rasis governed by these planets, the MOOLATRIKON Sign is more powerful. (The Moola Trikona Rashis are: Mars-MESHA(Aries): Merc.-Kanya(VIRGO); Jup.-DHANU(Sagit.): VENusTULA(Libra): Sat-KUMBHA(Aqu.)) We consider the rules for reduction of the Evil results for these 5 planets: 1). If the Planet is Lord of of 6/8/or12 and is also the lord of the Konas, i.e. 1,5,9 also then he is in the kona then the bad results are by being Lord of Dusthana is negatived: e.g. for Mesha,Simha,Karka Lagnas If JUP is in KONA For Tula,Makar,Kumbha Lagnas, Budha in konas For Mithuna Lagna If Shani(Sat) venus in Kona For Kanya- Sat in a Kona. 2). If the Lord of the Dusthana is also Lord of one of the Kendras (1,4,7,10), AND is in a Kendra evil results are greatly diluted, though no fully negatived. 3). There is No dosha for Lagnesh(Lord of ascendant), even if he becomes the Lord of the 8th. E.g. Mars for Mesha Lagna, and Venus for Libra Lagna. 4). Since Sun and Moon have lordship over one house only, the dosha by their owning the 6/8/12 houses does not get nullified except by the beneficial yogas

i. 2. If the two Lords are in mutual aspect: 2. These are MERC for Mesha. If the two lords are conjunct 3. are not good yogas if the condition in 5 A also is fulfilled.Vrischik Lagna JUP. besides being the Lord of the Dusthana. then he will aspect his own houses Makar. Both lords in same sign The VRY formed as above. This is very good> Both planets will give benefic results in their dasas. Lords of 6th and 12th in these houses give this condition. Sat and Ven for Meena Lagna. if the below mentioned conditions also exist: 1. then he will give results of the VRYoga. 3) Parevartana YogaBoth planets in the house owned by other) Normally when this Yoga is formed. when 6th Lord is in 6th . These planets are expected to give unfavorable results all the time. the Planet is also the Lord of 3 or 11th. Honors. then the Evil effects are magnified. The VRY formed is GOOD.e. 6th Lord in 8th or 12th 2. 8th Lord in 6th or 12th 3.Good Character. Then HARSHA YOGA IS FORMED: this indicates a strong Physique.5). if the Planets are those that give malefic results as per rule % A above 5) C. and the house occupied.Tula.Makar Lagna: MARS for Mithuna. 1.Karka. the Planets reinforce each . Venus for Dhanu Lagna. If the two lords are in Parevartana Yoga(each in house of other) This is further explained: 1. For Kanya Lagna. these yogas DO NOT IMPROVE THE conditions. The results are given only in their dasas. 12th Lord in 12th: VIMALA yoga is formed: Money is spent for good causes only: HOWEVER. 3. This promises a LONG LIFE. The VRYogas are: 1. However if he is Simha he will aspect Kumbha.Kanya Lagnas. Let us now consider how the evil indications are reduced : 5) B. for Vrishabha. 8th Lord in 8th: Sarala Yoga is formed. Both Lords of Dustanas in same sign: This is good and gives good results.:Moon is Lord of 12th ii) Mutual Aspect of the two Lords. A VIPAREETA RAJA YOGA is formed when the Lord of any one of the Dusthana is Placed in one of the other 2 dustanas. Dristiyoga of Lord of Dusthana: i). If Lords of 6th and 12th are in 6th or 12th. GURU's 5th and 9th aspect: Lagna SIMHA: 8th Lord JUP(GURU):Aspecting MOON in 12th. if 6th Lord SAT is in Karka. ` 2. and will give the results of that house. They give results similar to Planets in their own houses. 12th Lord in 6th or 8th 4. It indicates favorable results for both the matters governed by both the house owned.A If the Lord of 6/8/12 is also Lord of 3rd or 11th. they give still better results due to mutual aspects. and Elevation in status. Now the Vipareeta Raja Yogas are to be considered. THE DASA OF such a planet gives beneficial results.

. so gives good results. If the MTR of a planet is a Dusthana. and there is no NEECH BHANG in the chart. and if that Planet is in another Dusthana. iii) If SUN and MOON are Lords of Dustanas. and Vimala Yogas. So parivartana Yoga. owned by SAT. they cannot give benefic results. if JUP lord of 8th is in 6th in MAKAR(Neech): E) RELATION OF MOOLA TRIKONA SIGN AND DUSTHANA 1). 6th Lord. The results given by the planets are also dependent on their inherent strength: For example JUP in 12th (KARKA) for SIMHA Lagna. Example given is of ADI SHAKARACHAYA: Lagna is 4: Planets:-Sun in 10th. then the VRYoga is very good.other. 6th Lord Jup is in Kumbha. If of these two is a Natural Benefic. and SAT in 6th. Moon in 12th. ====================== . or are involved in Parivartana Yoga with other in Parivartana Yoga with other Dusthana Lord then only the above rule does not apply. the Parivartana is between JUP and VEN then both Dasas are spoiled. Both the planets give the results as though they are in their OWN houses. EXCEPTION to forming of VRYoga: If the Lord of a Dusthana is in another Dusthana. He is exalted and casts his dristi on 8th and 6th houses. then the VRYoga is not formed. and are in Dusthana.which is his NEECH rasi.with MERC and VEN. BUT if 6th Lord and 12th Lord are involved in the Parevartana Yoga.9( then the results of the Dusthana are nullified/ iii) If the MTR of the Lord of Dusthana is a KENDRA then one gets benefic results of the MTR. ii) If the MTR of the Lord of the Dusthana is a KONA(1. The Lagna is 9 deg 22 mi. then due to VRYoga both planets give benefic results during their dasas. then one can expect beneficial results.Sarala. Jup also owns the KONA 9th.5. Mars in 9th. D) The Vipareeta RAJA Yogas are are stronger and better than the HARSHA. or he is a mutual friend. However if the Parivartana Yoga occurs in the Lords of other houses. Example for SIMHA Lagna. in KARKA Rasi. is involved in a Parivartana Yoga with the lord of another Dusthana. then malefic results will manifest in the dasas. JUP in 8th. A benefic 6th lord owns Kona. One cannot get benefic results. ii) When a Benefic owning a Dusthana. Example if with Karka Lagna. Rahu in 11th Here 8th Lord SAT is in 6th house( owned by JUP). 8th house.

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