M1. Immaculate Mother
Intro: F I F C7 F Immaculate Mother to you do we plead F C7 F-F7 To ask God, our Father For help in our need. Bb F C7 F Bb F C7 F Ave, Ave, Ave Maria Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria II We pray for our country, the land of our birth; We pray for all nations, that peace be on earth. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria. Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

M2. Mary Immaculate
Intro: E-A-B7-E E A E Mary Immaculate, star of the morning A B-B7 Chosen before the creation began E A E Destined to bring, through the light of your dawning A E B7 E Conquest of Satan and rescue to man. B F#m A B7 Refrain: Bend from your throne at the voice of our crying F#m B7 E-E7 Look to this earth where your footsteps have trod. E A E Stretch out your arms to us, living and dying A E B7 E Mary Immaculate, Mother of God. We sinners honor your sinless perfection; Fallen and weak for God's mercy we plead. Grant us the shield of your mighty protection. Measure your aid by the depth of our need. Refrain


But. On This Day D A F#7 D Refrain: On this day. G D G D G D A7 D On this day we ask to share Dearest Mother thy sweet care E D-A E7 F7-F#m A E E7 A E7 A Aid us ere our feet as-tray Wander from thy guiding way. The bliss untold which your arms enfold The treasure upon your knee. Mother of Christ this do I ask of thee. Mother of Christ this do I long to see. And show him at last to me. Mother of Christ I toss on a stormy sea. Oh. Mother of Christ. M4. Mother of Christ. (Refrain) Queen and Mother deign to hear all thy children's humble pray'r Young hearts gain. (Refrain) 98 . O Virgin pure. O beautiful Moth-er D A7 D On this day we give thee our love A D Near thee Madonna fondly we hover A D-G Trusting thy gentle care to prove. gently to thy self allure. O stand on the shore. Mother of Christ what shall I ask of thee? I do not sigh for the wealth of earth for the joys that fade and flee. When the voyage is o'er. Mother of Christ Mother of Christ. And.M3. lift your Child as a beacon light to the port where I fain would be. Mother of Christ.

sing to Mary. our Queen of love. Sing. Sing the world's majestic Queen. call her. When the tempest rages 'round you. Song to Mary F Am Bb C7 Oh how I long to sing you a song of love. Gifts of heaven she has given. Daily. Sing in songs of praise unending. the Virgin's honors. Weary not nor faint in telling all the gifts that earth has seen. daily. our way to the loving Son. Our beautiful way to the loving Son. Subjects with the light of God's own grace. the pureness of your heart. Peace and blessings to restore. with the heart's devotion true. All my senses. heart. She. M6. strive to sound her glory forth. my soul. D A D A D Call her Mother. She will calm the troubled sea. D A D A D All her glorious actions cherish. happy Mother. 99 . noble Lady to our race. Daily Sing to Mary D A D A D Daily. Virgin blest. who decks her. my tongue. F Bb Refrain: When I'm happy you are there to share it with me Gm C7 When I'm grieving I can call and you console me. Am Gm C7 F Our beautiful way to the loving Son. F F7 Bb Bbm Oh Mary. call her Virgin. our Queen of love. Who for us her Maker bore.M5. her praises due. A D A Lost in wondering contemplation be her majesty confessed. our way to the loving Son. Oh Mary. F Am Bb C7 To describe the warmth of your smile. affections. the Queen. She is mighty to deliver. for the curse of old inflicted. Sing. Oh how I long to sing you a song of love To express the happiness that's deep within my heart. trust her lovingly.

You are chosen for the Son G D E A-A7 You are chosen from all women and for women. Asus D G D G D Holy Mary. quiet light A A7 D Morning star. mother of God pray for us sinners. peaceful love A D Teach us wisdom. That can utter hymns befitting all her matchless excellence. Where the tongues of eloquence. Bless this day with gentle heart. the Lord is with you G D Blessed are you among women C G D And blest is the fruit of your womb. M7. G D A D You are chosen by the Father. Amen. Where the voice of music thrilling. Now We Crown You 100 . teach us love. Hail Mary: Gentle Woman Intro: D-D-G-D-G-D-A D G D G D Hail Mary. Jesus. (Ref) M8. shining one. Bless in turn our women too. (Ref) Blessed are you among women. Holy Mary. full of grace. memorials of the Virgin's priceless worth. now C G D D And at the hour of our death.Spread abroad the sweet. Bless this day with peaceful spirit. Refrain: AsusA(pause) D G D Gentle woman. so strong and bright D G D Gentle mother.

D A D E A Heaven and earth resound the hymn: D E A EA Salve.) M9. Ora pro nobis.E7-A Hail. our sweetness here below.) M10. E A E . To hope in sorrow and in woe. we entreat. Mother of mercy and of love. Amen. gracious. (Ref. all ye cherubim. On this day we sing your praises. (Ref. (Ref.Intro: G-A-F#m-Bm-Em-A-D D A G A F#m Bm Em A Holy Mary now we crown you. may our tribute win your love and gain us grace. O Maria. (Ref.) Stain of sin has never marred you. Amen. Salve. (Ref. poor sons of Eve. mankind's only spotless bloom: God. Refrain: G A F#m Bm Em A D D7 Ora pro nobis. O Maria To thee we sigh. sing with us. ye Seraphim. O Maria. Salve Regina! Our life.E7-A Hail. Refrain: D E A D E A Triumph. O Maria. O Maria.) O clement. honored Queen of all our race F#m Bm Em A D A A7 D D7 Noble Virgin. Mother sweet. O Maria O Virgin Mary. whose might exceeds heavens. we mourn we grave. purest Maid of all the earth While the beauty of springtime tells your joy at Jesus' birth.) To thee we cry. Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above Intro: D-E-A-E-A A E A E . you have sheltered in your womb. O Maria. O Maria. To Our Lady of the Way I 101 . Holy Queen enthroned above.

be with us in our strife. Refrain: G D Be with us Mary. to make our lives divine. (Ref. Jesus gave us His own. Ave. she'll also stand by us. Maria. hail full of grace. IV Often enough in life's banquet. Mary. 102 . II When Jesus met with rejection. along the way. How can a mother desert her Son. O star of the ocean. Mary. Mary. We thank you. Mary. come. (Ref) M11. you were called eternally. Refuge for your children so weak. A D Come with us. we praise you. F-C7 Gm-Dm-Am-Bb-C7 Refrain: Ave. we shall run short of wine.) II Help us. Mary stood by the cross. Bb F hail full of grace. By your faith and loving accord as the handmaid of the Lord. G D Lead us to Jesus. Sure protection all can seek. hail full of grace. we trust you. request your Son. your loving Son. journeying through life alone. Holy Virgin by GOD'S Decree F Bb F Bb C Holy Virgin by God's decree. Then as at Cana. Problems of life you help us to face. You undertook God's plan to embrace. tossed by the storms of life. When we are faced with temptation. Ave.D G A D No man can live as an island. G D A D Since we're most loved by a mother. C7 Dm Gm C F that he could give his Son to our race. A D Guide every step we take.

come and love in me. Here are two hands that are able to bear. Inang Minamahal Intro: A-E7-A-E7 103 . Dm C Gm Dm Holy Mary Mother of God (2x). our Mother. Here is a heart that is beating for You. Maria (2x). Jesus Living in Mary C Dm G7 C Jesus living in Mary. (Ref. (Ref. M12. hail full of grace.To our needy world of today. Let it ignite for others. Bring us all to your Son. C F Holy Mary Mother of God. we are your children. pour your love through for others.) Holy Mary Mother of Jesus (2x). Pray for us (2x). Mary. Showing the path to Christ we must trace. Ave Maria F C F Refrain: Ave. Maria (2x). we are your children (2x). Teach them to share with others. Ave. Stay with us (2x).) Holy Mary. Ave. F C Am Dm G7 C Here is a mind to be filled with your light. Am Am7 Dm7 G7 C Here is a body to move among men reach out again to others. Ave. Holy Mary . Dm G G7 C Let it be heard for others. come and live in me. (Ref. Jesus giving in Mary. Holy Mary Mother of Jesus. love and beauty you portray. M13. Jesus loving in Mary. come and give in me.) M14. F C Am Here is a voice that was made for your Word.

upang Diyos ay maparangalan. Sa harap ng aming kamatayan. tangnan aking kamay. kalingain kami't turuan: Na matularan ka. AM7 G#m7 F#m7 B4 B7 E9 F#m G#m F#m Kay Kristong Kuya ko. Kaligtasan namin at pag-asa. maialay ang pagsisikap. Inang minamahal ni Hesus naming mananakop. O Ina kami'y 'yong aliwin. Bm A E7 A Ilaan sa kanyang kaharian. upang kapwa'y mapaglingkuran. kay Hesus kami 'yong ialay. ako ri'y anak mo. ang Diyos sa 'yo nagpala. akayin mo ako. tulong ng iyong panalangin. AM7 G#m7 F#m7 B4 B7 Kay Kristong Kuya ko. akayin mo ako.A F#7 Bm Inang minamahal. At higit kung ito'y kailangan. si Hesus sa iyo 'sinilang. Mariang Ina Ko Intro: AM7-G#m7-F#m7-B4-B7 E9 F#m G#m F#m E9 F#m G#m Sa 'king pagla-lak-bay. sa bundok ng buhay. aking dusa at saya. D A E7 A Ilaan sa kanyang kaharian. Nawa'y ilawan mo ang landas naming tatahakin. Sa bingit ng hukay. AM7 G#m7 F#m7 B4 B7 E E7 Sa ligaya't lumbay maging talang gabay. katawa't buhay man itaya. A7 D Inang minamahal. E7 A Inang sinisinta. M15. Koro: AM7 G#m7 AM7 G#m7 Mariang ina ko. sa langit kong pakay. Buksan aming kamay sa 'ming kapwang baon sa hirap: Sa kanyang kalayaan at buhay. sa iyong laging paglingap. Maging aking tulay. Inang sinisinta ng lahat mong mga anak. 104 E7 . (Koro) Sabihin sa Kanya. Inang minamahal.

D7 Gm Ang D'yos ay sumasa'yo. Em A4 A7 F#m Bm Em E7 CM7 A7 Nawa'y mabanaagan ka. Cm-D7 Gm Bukod kang pinagpala sa babaeng lahat Cm Gm/D D7 Gm At pinagpala naman ang 'yong anak na si Hesus.Bbdim D G9 D DM7 GM7 Kung itong aming paglalayag. Nawa'y maging hantungan pinakamimithing Kaharian. O Reyna't Ina ng Awa. ipanalangin mo kaming makasalanan. sa kalangitan naming pita. Koro: D F#4 F#7 Bm Am7-D7 Maria sa pu--. Kahit alon man ng pangamba. Aba Santa Maria Gm Cm D7 Gm Aba Santa Maria. G/D D7 G Ngayon at kung kami'y mamamatay.) M18. G D7 G C Santa Maria. minamahal ko S'ya. inabot ng pagkabagabag.. Ni unos ng pighati at kadiliman ng gabi. (Koro) M16.so ninuman GM7 Bbdim D Am7-D7 Ika'y tala ng kala---ngitan GM7 Bbdim F#m Bm Ningning Mo ay walang pagma – maliw. Stella Maris Intro: D -G .aming ina. Tanglawan kami.Ibulong sa Kanya. Em A7 D Inang sinta. hinirang na tala ng umaga. ina ng Diyos. napupuno ka ng grasya. 105 . (Repeat: Santa Maria. inang ginigiliw. Salve Regina D B7 Em O Santa Maria.. (Koro) M17. Di alintana sapagkat naroon ka.

B7 E E7 A E7 Sa'yo rin kami tumatangis. 'Ave Maria Je vous salue.A7 D Ika'y aming buhay. Dini sa lupang bayang kahapis-hapis. Je----su. M19. O magiliw. M21. E B A B7 E et be-ne-dic-tus fruc-tus ven-tris tu-i.trae. O-ra pro-no-bis. D4 Em A7 D maawain. Pinapanaw na anak ni Eva. Marie. E A/E B E/B A B be-ne-dic-ta tu in mu-li-e ---. A7 D A7 D Kaya't ilingon mo sa amin ang mga mata mong maawain. gra-ti-a ple-na Do-mi-nus te-cum. Amen. pleine de grace. le fruit de vos entrailles. Vous etes benie entre toutes les femmes. Bm Em A7 D Sa'yo nga kami tumatawag. pag-asa't katamisan. priez pour nous. be-ne-dic-tatu. est beni. A E G A B B7 nunc et in ho-ra mor-tis nos--. matamis na Birheng Maria.-ri-bus. Santa Maria Del Camino Intro: C-F-C-F-G-G7 C F C G 106 G7 C C7 . M20. Mere de Dieu. Sainte Marie. et Jesus. D Em A7 D Gm Ipakita mo sa amin ang iyong Anak na si Hesus. G D A7 at saka kung matapos aming pagpanaw. A E/G# G D/F# Dm A Bsus B7 E Sanc-ta Ma-ri-a. Le Seigneur est avec vous. pec-ca-to-ri-bus. maintenant et a l'heure de notre mort.---A E A---------men. pauvres pecheus. Ma----ter De-i. Ave Maria E B/D# D A/C# Am/C E/B F#sus F#7 Bsus B7 A-ve Ma-ri-a.

Tu vas haciendo camino. Batis ka ng awa. tu nunca solo estas. otros los seguiran. No niegues nunca tu mano. kami ay iyong samahan B7 E F#m B7 sa pagpapasalamat sa Diyos na butihing E7 107 . E7 A F#m O Maria. F Em-Am Ven con nosotros al caminar Dm G7 C Santa Maria ven. F C-Am Dm G7 C-C7 Contigo por el camino Santa Maria va. al que contigo esta. G G7 C C7 Santa Maria ven. sapagkat gumawa F#7 Bm sa iyo ang Makapangyarihan ng mga A/E B7 E7 A hiwaga at tinuring kang aming Ina. inutil caminar.alay B7 E7 A pagmamahal at galak. Si por el mundo los hombres.Mientres recorres la vida. lucha por la verdad. sa iyo aming ini . Ref: F C Ven con nosotros al caminar. E B7 E F#m B7 E O Ina ni Kristo. Aunque parezcan tus pasos. M22. Aunque te digan algunos. que nada puede cambiar. Flores de Mayo Intro: Bm-A/E-B7-E&-A Refrain: A O Ina ng madla. Luncha por un mundo nuevo. sin conocerse van.

sagisag ng iyong tanging kagandahan. O Birheng mapagpala't mapagkalinga.Ama. G/D Em Am D7 G dangal ipagtanggol. ilapit mo kami sa Diyos na dakila. O mahal na Ina. Lingapin mo kami't mamagitan nawa. G E7 Am Cm Tulungan mong putlin ang pagka-alipin. (Koro) M24. Ina ng Paglaya Intro: Em-Am-D7-G G G/B Am Kami'y dumudulog. Koro: C G D7 G O sana'y dinggin mo. C G A7 D7 taos na dalangin ng bayan mong giliw. na silang sagisag ng 'yong tanging kagandahan. E7 Am Cm G/D Kami'y tulungan mo sa pakikibaka. nang makamit lubos ang naglahong laya. laya'y pasulungin. (Refrain) M23. D7 G Gdim G dinggin ang pagsamo ng bayan kong sinta. upang Em Am D7 G makalaya sa 'ming pagdusa. O mahal na Birhen. Our Lady of Fatima I D G Gm D Dear Lady of Fatima. we come on bended knee A7 D E7 A 108 . magagandang bulaklak. salamat sa Diyos na butihing Ama! (Refrain) Tanggapin aming alay.

C Dm Before anything else I always ask myself F G Will this bring a sweet. won't you show us the right and shining way? G D Bm We pledge our love and offer you G D A7 D A ro--sary each day. (Refrain) 109 . II You promised at Fatima each time that you appeared To help us if we pray to you To banish war and fear Dear Lady of first Saturday We ask your guiding hand To grant us peace and unity and protection for our land. Never counting the cost. May all who look at me behold you C C7 Make me a reflection of you. O Mary Em Am Dm G And this is what I pray. II Since you taught me to put all my trust in you All troubles gone within me whenever I am with you More than anything else I always strive my best To bring the sweetest smile to my mother's face. F G Em Am I live for your smile. Dm G I'll do anything to preserve that smile C In that face I love most. O Mary. sweet smile C C7 to my Mother's face. I Live For Your Smile C Dm Since you taught me to renounce myself for you F G C G I always look upon you in everything I do. Refrain: F G ('Cause) I live for your smile.To beg your intercession for peace and unity Em A7 D G F# Dear Mary. M25.

C G D-D7 To give you my heart and my soul. G A F#m Bm Mother most holy. You've been shining in my heart like a morning star Guiding the road o your Son So please inspire me. give me the graces. for I want you to.M26. O Mama to do as you please and pick me up whenever I fall. G A F#m Bm Ref: Santa Maria. O Mama Mary G D A These praises that come from my heart D A Bm F#m On this day and everyday for the rest of my life. 110 . (Repeat Refrain 2x) Ending Chords: Em.D M27. (Em-Gm-A) 2. Let me sing this to you.A .A/Em .Gm . Santa Maria D A Bm F#m 1. Awit sa Ina ng Santo Rosaryo C Em F C Minsan ang buhay ay isang awit ng galak Am Em F G At mayroong liwanag na tatanglaw sa ‘ting pagyapak. G A D-D7 Live in me. give me your Son Em A D And let His kingdom reign in my heart.

SMM) Intro: G-A-F#m-B7-G-A7-D A7 D A Bm F#m O Maria aming Ina. puso namin ay ihahandog (ang rosaryo mong ……. C Em Am7 F C Ang rosaryo mong hawak namin at awit-awit ang “Ave Maria” Am Em F G Puspos ka ng Diwang Banal. M28. Instrumental: Em-F-C-Am-C-F-G7 G C Em Am7 F C O Inang Mahal narito kami’t awit-awit ang “Ave Maria” Am Em F G Sa anak mong si Hesus. Dm Bb G7 Turo niya’y buhay na ang Diyos lamang sa ati’y nagkaloob. Dm Bb G7 May isang inang nagmamatyag.C Em F C Minsan ang buhay ay isang awit ng luha Am Em F G At s’yang papawi nito ay ang pag-asa ng umaga. Am Em F G C Ihatid mo kami sa langit ng Amang mapagmahal. C Em Am7 F C O Inang Mahal narito kami’t awit-awit ang “Ave Maria” Am Em F G At dalangin ng bawat pamilya’y kapayapaa’t pagkakaisa. C G F Em At kahit anong tindi ng unos. nagmamahal sa ‘tin. dinggin ang aming payak na dasal. puspos ka ng pagpapala 111 . Sa Pamamagitan Mo (Rey Bullas. G Am Am7 F C Awit niya’y pag-ibig ng Diyos. Tawag niya’y magbalik-loob. at kahit anong tindi ng dilim.

G D/C#m Bm E A Pinili ka ng Diyos Ama na maging katuwang N’ya. (ref. At kanya namang binusog ang mga nangagugutom. Ibinulid sa upuan ang mga makapangyarihan. itinaas ang mga mabababang loob. Ang Puso Ko’y Nagpupuri F Bb C7 F C7 F Refrain: Ang puso ko’y nagpupuri. Bb F Dm Gm C7 F Nagagalak ang aking espiritu sa aking tagapagligtas. sa oras ng kagipitan A A7 Pinili ka ng karunungan na maging kanyang luklukan. Sapagkat nilingap N’ya. O Maria aming takbuhan. At ipinakita N’ya ang lakas ng kanyang bisig. Itinampok. Bb F C7 Dm G7 C7 Mapalad ang pangalan ko sa lahat nga mga bansa. (refrain) M29.) 5. G A F#m Bm Refrain: Sa pamamagitan mo naparito Em A D D7 Ang salita’y nagkatawang tao. G A F#m B7 S’ya ri’y maghahari sa mundo Em A-A7 D A7 Dahil sa hiwaga ng ‘yong “Oo” O Maria aming reyna napupuno ka ng grasya Sa ‘yo ipinagkakatiwala ang lahat ng mga biyaya. (ref. Sapagkat gumawa ang Poon ng mga dakilang bagay.) 2. kababaan ng kanyang alipin. nagpupuri sa Panginoon. At kinahahabagan N’ya ang mga sa Kanya’y may takot At sa lahat ng salinlahi ang awa Nya’y walang hanggan. (ref. F C7 F Bb C7 F 1. At ang mga palalo’y pinangalat ng Panginoon.) 3.) 4. 112 . (ref. Banal sa lupa’t langit ang pangalan ng Panginoon. (ref.) 6.

3. sa Anak at sa Espiritu Santo. ang puso ko’y nagpupuri M31.Pinaalis walang dala ang mayamang mapagmataas. Maghimaya Ka Maria. (use the same chords) Ang puso ko’y nagpupuri. Sa dakila N’yang pagmamahal at dala ng laking awa N’ya. Kapara noong unang-una. All nations now will share my joy.) 8. Now and forevermore. M32. (ref. 113 . G G7 C D7 G Magnificat. The promise made to Abraham is filled by Him each day. Kay Abraham at lipi N’ya at ito’y sa magpakailanman.) M30. 2. I magnify the Lord. Praise God the Father. praise His name. Magnificat. His gifts He has outpoured. Luwalhati sa Ama. Magnificat anima mea Dominum. He lifts me up and gladness fills my days. His mercy is forevermore! His name I praise again! His strong right arm puts down the proud and raises lowly men! 4. He fills the hungry with good things. Inampon N’ya ang Israel na kanyang aliping hinirang. Praise Jesus Christ our Lord. Magnificat (to the tune of Amazing Grace) 1. Ayon sa ipinangako N’ya sa ating mga magulang. ngayon at magpakailanman. Magnificat. (ref. And praise the Spirit with them one. ang puso ko.) 7. (ref. nagpupuri sa Panginoong ating Diyos. (ref. Ang puso ko. 5. His little one’s He has made great.) 9. Magnificat anima mea. My soul proclaims the Lord my God. Magnificat G C D7 G G C D7 G Magnificat. my spirit sings His praise! He looks on me. the rich He sends away.

G C 1. A F#m Bsus-B Iampo mo kaming makasasa--la B7 E E7 A E B7 E Karu’g sa oras sa among kamatayon. God’s mercy is from age t o age. A B7 E A-a--men…. C For God works marvels in my sight. give glory to the Lord… Em G Rejoicing in my saving God. sings of the God who brings new light Em C G C D G To birth in me. M33. Whose arm is power and strength And scatters all the proud of heart. holy is God’s name. My spirit soars on the wings of my Lord. D Em And all the world will call me blest. D G And holy.Em Am D Em Maghimaya ka Maria. napuno ka sa grasya D C D Ang Ginoong Dios anaa kani—mo Em Am D Em Bulahan ikaw sa mga babayeng tanan D C B7 E Ug bulahan usab ang bunga sa tiyan mo nga si Hesus E A B7 E Santa Maria. Who looks upon me in my state. and raises up the lowly one’s. Who casts the mighty from their thrones. On those who follow in fear. (refrain) 114 . Magnificat (David Haas) G D C Bm Refrain: All that I am. My soul. inahan sa Dios. (refrain) 2.

illumining the night A Dm Bb C A reflection of the son. Protecting all the faithful one’s. With joy beyond all measure you cared for God’s own son and pondered in your heart the new age now begun.) 115 . O Holy Mary Dm G Dm Bb C F Refrain: O Holy dwelling place of God. (refrain) M34. Gm Dm G Dm O Holy Mary Holy Mother of God. our source of life and light.) 3. Am Dm C F 1. Exquisite was your sorrow.) 4. O holy temple of the word. (ref. (ref. From heav’n the angel Gabriel announced the ancient plan and humbly you accepted to bear the God made-man.) 5. (ref. God fills the starving with good things. O radiant star of heaven. unequaled was the loss you suffered when your son was raised upon the cross.3. (ref.) 2. O blest beyond all others. of every land and race possessing in your soul the fullness of God’s grace. (ref.) 6. The rich are left with empty hands. All praise and adoration we sing now to your son who reigns in highest heaven and has the vict’ry won. rememb’ring Israel with mercy The promise known to those before And to their children for ever. (ref.

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