March 7, 2012 Dear Senator: On behalf of more than 92,000 Americans for Prosperity-Florida activists, we urge you

to oppose S.B. 2094, when it comes to the floor for a vote. This vote will be recorded in our 2012 session legislative scorecard. S.B. 2094 is a prime example of government picking winners and losers. The bill establishes $80 million in tax credits, over the next five years, with the goal of encouraging renewable energy projects. Targeted tax credits, like those in S.B. 2094, subsidize one politically popular industry while attempting to circumvent the free-market and consumer choice. More than 5,000 emails have been sent in opposition to S.B. 2094 and it’s companion H.B. 7117. The vast taxpayer-funded subsidies that have been pursued at the state and federal level have done little to benefit the American economy and there’s been little change to our reliance on traditional fuels. In fact, a 2008 U.S. Energy Information Administration report showed that while federal government spending on energy subsidies doubled from FY1999 to FY2007, total domestic production remained unchanged and prices increased by more than 80 percent over that period of time. Competition drives innovation, not government intervention and central planning. New energy solutions will emerge by offering consumers a greater value at a lower price, not by winning handouts from lawmakers. This type of big government incentivizing has proven time and again that it doesn’t work. Subsidizing renewable energy production will only further distort the market and preclude new technologies from becoming competitive in the energy sector. H.B. 7117, which currently sits in Senate Messages, also contains language that would result in untold rate increases on consumers. During these economic times, it astounds us that the Florida House would be willing to enact this burden on ratepayers. We implore you to oppose this language and any other proposed language that would result in a rate increase on Floridians. Again, we urge you to oppose S.B. 2094 when it comes to a vote. Sincerely,

Slade O’Brien State Director Americans for Prosperity - Florida

Abigail MacIver Director of Policy Americans for Prosperity - Florida

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