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From p.

300 "The Underground History of American Education"

"About Labor, the religious voice says that work is the only avenue to
genuine self-respect. Work develops independence, self-reliance, resourcefulness.
Work itself is a value, above a paycheck, above praise, above accomplishment. Work
produces a spiritual reward unknown to the reinforcement schedules of behavioral
psychologists like B.F. Skinner, but i you tackle it gladly, without resentment or
avoidence, whether your digging a ditch or building a skyscraper, you'll find the
key to yourself in work.
If the secular aversion to work is to be rationalized as schools do,
requiring only minimal effort from children, a horrifying problem is created for
our entire society, one that thus far has proved incurable. I refer o the
psycological, social, and spiritual anxieties that arise when people have no
useful work to do. Phony work, no matter how well paid or praised, causes such
great emotional distortions that the major efforts of our civilization will soon
go into solving them, with no hint of any answer in sight.
In the economy we have allowed to evolve, the real political dilemma
everywhere is keeping poeple occupied. Jobs have to be invented by government
agencies and corporations. Both employ millions and millions of people for which
they have no real use. It's an inside secret among top-echelon management that
should you need to cause a rise in stock value, this can be engineered by
eliminating thousands of "useless" jobs; that is done regularly and, I would
presume, cynically."
Young men and woment during their brightest, most energetic years are kept
from working or from being a part of the general society. This is done to keep
them from aggrivating this delicate work situation, either by working too eagerly,
as kids are prone to do, or by inventing their own work, which could cause shocks
throughout the economy. This violation of the injunction to work which western
spirituality imposed, has backed us into a corner from whic no authority has any
idea how to extricate us. We cannot afford to let too many children really learn
to work, as Amish children do, for fear they will discover its great secret:work
isn't a curse, but a salvation.