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1. A show-stopper is an issue in a product which is completely breaking the functionality.

otherwords, you just cannot proceed from that point.
For Ex: During installation of a product, if you get a critical error then its a show-stopper, because
once you click OK on that screen, the installation rollsback and user will not be able to install the

2. In order to write Test cases you would require Requirement Specification (contains all the
requirements to build a product) and Test Specification / Test Plan (Contains your test approach
and functional breakdown of all the features to be tested).

3. Use Cases are usage procedure (usually found in Requirement specification document). It
gives you a step-by-step procedure of a user using a particular feature of the product you are
going to build.
For Ex: You are building a Library Management System, one of your use case for a feature
"Browse by author" would be:

User: John is a member of the Library

1. John Logs in using his LMS username

2. John Clicks on Books
3. In the Sub-menu, John clicks on Browse by Author
4. John Enters the Author Name and clicks on OK button
5. List of books by Author name is displayed on the screen

I am not sure what FS means, can you elaborate? Is it Functional Specification?

4. Severity decides how critical a bug is. Severity states can be -> Critical, Serious, Minor or
Moderate. (Of course, different companies have different conventions according to the Bug
tracking system they use)
Priority on the other hand decides how fast you need the bug to be fixed -> Priority states
can be -> High, Low, Moderate etc (again differnt companies different conventions).

What is a good Test Case & what are the Characters of a good test case?
A good test case is one, which is having highest probability of finding bug, which is not
yet discovered...
1. It should be Accurate- should test, what it designed to test
2. It should be Economical
3. It should be Tracable....

What are the types of Security Testing?

Authorization: Privilege
Authentication: Allows only valid user.
Encryption: In the encrypted format