John Spiegelhoff


John Spiegel hoff Tuesday, August 30, 2011 5:11 PM '' Removing Union privileges



Hey Pammy: Heard your comments on Wisconsin Public Radio. Removed Union privileges and not rights? You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. Actively working to plan your recall. Can I plan your going away party? John Spie~elhoff i i 05 E. 9t Street Menill, WI 54452

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John Spiegelhoff] Wednesday, October 12, 20116:40 Galloway, Pam, PM

Subject: Thought for the Day

Corporate Pam: Today I was working on plans to recall you. The wheels are in motion. The 99 percent aim to put you on the unemployment line like Hopper and Kapanke. I don't even think the Koch Brothers can help you now. They are having some of their own problems by selling stuff to Iran and feuding with Karl Rove. By the way, I get around your entire district with my job. I am actively working against you. I did play nice the other day though as you probably noticed. Don't let that fool you. ~ John Spiegelhoff 1105 E. 9th Street Merrill, WI 54452


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John Spiegelhoff [] Galloway, Pam

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 9:52 AM

Subject: Here we come

Hey Pam:

I signed a petition to recall you two minutes after 12 midnight last night. Just thought you would like to know this. Would you sign your own recall petition? I am a circulator and I meet all the criteria for being one-I have lived in Wisconsin (not from out of state like the Republican circulators in the last Senate recalls) for the last 28 days (actually my whole life), I am over 18 years of age and I am eligible to vote. I meet all the criteria for being a circulator.
John Spiegel hoff


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John Spiegel hoff Osplegelhoff@afscme40.orgj Saturday, October 15, 2011 6:25 PM Galloway, Pam; Rep.Tiffany do Not Kill Jobs-Greed does

Subject: Regulations

Hey My Favorite Union Busters and Corporate Coddlers: Regulations do not inhibit job creation-the greed of the wealthy and those who blindly follow them dol Can't run this past me. Pam I am still waiting to have a comprehensive list of all these jobs that left Wisconsin due to regulation. My guess is that you do not have this data and just make stuff up. I have sent a link to debunk your Republican battle cry of deregulation-Stop telling lies to yom constituents. REPUBLICANS SlTE=JRC&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT DEBATE FACT CHECK?

Pam-who really put you up to the conceal carry legislation-was it Walker? Was it the Koch brothers? Was it Karl Rove? You sold your soul and disgraced the medical community. Torn-how was the boat party on the Wisconsin River a few weekends ago? I swear I had nothing to do with it but r thought it was really cool. Expect more collective action soon from the 99%. John Spiegel hoff


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From: Sent: John Spiegelhoff] Friday, February 17, 20122:39 PM


Galloway. Pam

Subject: You are who you associate with

Hey Senator Under Recall: I would really like to know about your oath to secrecy on the redistricting maps. By the way, I wrote a letter to the editor in the Wausau Daily Herald about your secrecy oath and about the company that you keep. I believe it will be printed really soon or so they told me at the Daily Herald. This is really getting bad press but it is just more of the same for the political party that you associate with. I think this is the same party who on the national level is attacking women's health rights. That one must really hit home for you being a former physician involved in women's health care. How much more can you take Pam before you come to the realization you are being used. The Democrats (and just about every American I know and have talked to) believe in women's health rights, voter rights and all other good things in life that are conceived in liberty, freedom and justice. I can hook you up with the good people of the Democratic Party. Help is just a phone call away. I await your call.

John Spiegelhoff
1105 E. 9th Street Merrill, Wi 54452


John Spieqelhoff

John Spiegelhoff Wednesday, August 10, 201110:31 '' We are coming for you PM

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Pam Two Republican Senate Districts in the hands of Democrats and you are next. If my math is correct, that makes three. Your recall is virtually guaranteed. I, along with thousands in your district, will walk with a petition in one hand for your recall and in the other hand a petition to recall Dictator Walker. r am giddy with excitement.

John Spie~elhoff 1105 E. 911 street Merrill, WI 54452


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John Spiegelhoff Uspiegelhoff@afscme40.orgJ
. Thursday, August 18, 2011 9:19 AM


Rep.Tiffany: Galloway, Pam

Follow Up Flag: Follow up Flag Status: Red

Tom and Pam: It is just a matter of time before we take back our beloved State from you and your extremist agenda. Tom your lies in the Merrill Foto News are just incredible. Let me sum up the recent events. The Democrats took two seats in the Senate. They took an Assembly seat that Huebsch previously held near the LaCrosse area. There will be a special election for the seat vacated by Jen Shilling. I think we have that one too given Dan "hanley" Kapanke was thumped by Shilling. Hmmmm-three legislative seats since last February and possibly another one soon. Then factor in the recall off-lis Majesty Walker and your recall Pam. Just for your information, I now have a political army in the Northwoods itching to beat the streets again when the time arrives- and that time is coming soon. You started this war on the middle class and we will take back our State. Yo eached and you will pay the political price for it. Repent and ) . iveness from the middle class and the ,ommuru les { lyrepresent. -,.--;-;e Will prevail in this struggle.

John Spiegel hoff 1105 E. 9th Street Merrill, WI 54452


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John Spiegelhoff Wednesday, Rep.Tiffany;

Uspiegelhoff@afscme40.orgJ 14, 2011 1:25 PM


Galloway, Pam

Are you going to work soon

Tom and Pam (aka Union busters):

I should wish I could only work one day for the fall session. That's ok since you should
probably set up some town hall meetings that I wish to attend and speak to you about your middle class busting agenda. How many lawsuits have been filed to date on the immoral and illegal legislation that you rushed through earlier this year? Do you see the protestors in the galley when scheme to hint more people? r do have one question that you need to answer. Ready? Where are the jobs? What is the definition of a job? Why haven't you passed any legislation related to jobs? Don't make up things like tax breaks to corporations create jobs/trickle down economic theory creates jobs since if this actually worked, we wouldn't be in this mess. Please just tell us your true intent to do your corporate masters interests. I wish elections were right now so you could be tlu'own out of office. Do the middle class a favorresign.


John Spiegelhoff 1005 E. 9th Street Merrill, WI 54452 p.s. How was the warm reception at the Labor Day parades?


John Spiegel hoff


John Spiegelhoff Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:12 AM ''


.--:--Stay Home Pam

Union Buster Pam: Stomp on organized labor with your immoral vote and then complain when they don't invite you to a "LABOR Day parade?" You must bejoking. Stay home Pam and wait for your recall. Oh by the way, who brought you the 40 hour work week, unemployment compensation and child labor laws among other things. I think you know the answer to that. Jolu: ~pie~e~hoff 11 OJ t. 9!.1 Street Merrill: WI 54452

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John Spiegelhoff] 13, 2011 11 :11 AM Pam; Rep.Petrowski

Sunday, November Rep.Tiffany;


Subject: The Winter of our Discontemt

Dear Immoral Legislators: Your reign of terror on the poor, working and middle class is coming to an end soon. I am sure that you have heard the citizens of Ohio repealed the anti-labor law passed earlier this year. Mainers rejected voter suppression. Up nexr/-you guessed it-the recall of Scotty, Kleefisch and Pam among others. Then we can stalt to right the ship which you have so recklessly bored with holes. Even the Koch sponsored lies on currently on television (and more to come I am sure) will not protect you from the truth. Here comes masses revolting against your immoral decisions. Elections have consequences which is called recall codified in our constitution which you trample on each time you pass immoral laws. Communities over corporations and people over profits. John Spiegelhoff