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IBM BI Solution Handbook

IBM BI Solution Handbook

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In this section, we show how to create a dashboard in IBM Cognos Business
Insight for the users who are involved in the planning process. The dashboard
can include the following objects:

IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor gives users access to a secure workflow that
guides users through the planning process (see the IBM Cognos TM1
Planning Contributor item in Figure11-1).

IBM Cognos TM1 Websheets or Cube Views enables users to write back to
the underlying TM1 database, change drivers such as Cost or Price, or even
add metadata (see the Applications and Views folder under
GreatOutdoors_SalesPlan in Figure11-1).

You can view reports that are created in IBM Cognos BI (for example IBM
Cognos Report Studio or IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced) with live
IBM Cognos TM1 data with zero latency. You can also drill down to the IBM
Cognos TM1 database in real time (see reports in the SalesPlan Reports
folder in Figure11-1).

Figure 11-1 IBM Cognos TM1 items in the Content tab

We use the Great Outdoors company use case to show how to create a
dashboard for the sales department. Lynn Cope, the Advanced Business User,
uses IBM Cognos TM1 data to create reports, add these reports to the
dashboard, and add IBM CognosTM1 Websheets or a link to the application for
managed distribution.

Chapter 11. Integrating IBM Cognos BI with IBM Cognos Business Analytics solutions 535

In this section, we do not discuss the IBM Cognos TM1 modeling and how to
create an IBM Cognos TM1 Contributor application for a managed contribution.
We assume all this work has been done previously. We also assume that IBM
Cognos TM1 is configured to work with IBM Cognos BI. For details about
configuring IBM Cognos TM1 to work with IBM Cognos BI and to use the same
security, refer to the IBM Cognos TM1 Installation Guide.

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