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Choose the size: 2 14" fabric square for round casserole dish 2 12" for a medium casserole dish

or larger bowl 2 10"for a typical cereal bowl size 2 cotton batting 1/2 smaller size then the fabric squares. My microwave is small and rotates so a big size will stop the rotation. I use the 10 square. Grab one of your bowls from the cupboard that you usually like to use for RE-HEATING and take it into your sewing room before you begin. Place your batting on top of the WRONG side of each square, pin and quilt each piece as desired. Be sure the quilting is the same density on each square so they will be the same size. A simple X or large stipple will be enough. Be sure and use 100% cotton thread. Poly or other thread can melt in microwave. Using a pencil draw a line down the middle of the two quilted pieces length and width wise. Draw a circle around the center intersecting the size of the bottom of your bowl. I used a 4 diameter circle.

Along each dividing line fold and sew a 1/2 steep dart up to the circle line. Backstitch at the beginning and ending stitch. Make darts in both fabric square pieces.

Pin RIGHT sides together and be sure your tucks are in opposite directions to avoid the bulk. Sew using 1/4 seam and leave a 3 1/2 opening for turning. Turn and shape. I sewed a decorative stitch around the outside edge. This is used for reheating not cooking so there shouldn't be a problem of the batting burning. Batting has scrim and that is why it may catch on fire if over heated. You can buy no scrim 100% cotton batting made just for microwave use. Don't use poly batting or any type of thermal batting in the microwave, it can melt causing burns or start a fire. Never leave unattended when in use.